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Comindware Project Collaboration software dramatically boosts employee engagement and productivity by allowing online project collaboration in context of work.

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Discussion Streams

Keep all the company-wide, project or task-related discussions in highly organized Project Collaboration tool.

New messages are always at the top and are not lost in the pile of e-mail inbox garbage. All the history is kept forever for everyone, including new team members.

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Better than group e-mails

E-mails tend to get lost and separated into a countless number of uncoordinated threads.

With Comindware Project Collaboration software all the project-related messages, attachments and resulting action items are available through well-structured group discussions.

online project collaboration in Comindware Project
Traditional e-mail is supported

Manage all discussions in your Activity streams even while using e-mail. Just reply to the e-mail notification and your message will be added to the discussion.

Add pre-existing e-mail discussions to Comindware Solution so they don’t get lost in your inbox.

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Handy discussions on the go

Get a consistent on-the-go user experience when taking part in discussions using your iPhone or Android device.

Structured discussions, united Activity stream, and documents are here for you as well as on your laptop or desktop computer enabling efficient collaborative Project Management.

Change the way you manage your business today!

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Project Collaboration Software

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Traditional email applications cannot replace the effectiveness of project collaboration software as emails are always separated from your projects. Comindware team collaboration software provides naturally integrated project collaboration tools to facilitate your project management collaboration within and across your teams, projects, and departments. Teams don’t have to switch between different online project collaboration tools - with Comindware®, all necessary functionality is provided in a single collaborative team project management environment. Activity streams, one of the primary Comindware project collaboration tools, create a single workspace for all project discussions. Use Activity streams to increase project collaboration efficiency, while leaving all questions, that lie beyond the scope of projects, in Comindware Rooms. Comindware provides unparalleled project collaboration online across your multiple devices providing unmatched user experience. Using Comindware Solution on desktop, iPhone or Android devices, project managers and team members can always stay on top of all updates and changes which makes online project management and collaboration smoothly.

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