Project Management with Gantt Chart

Comindware project management software provides the graphical Gantt chart capability that simplifies project planning for project managers and facilitates task execution for team members.

It automatically reschedules individual and group tasks based on the actual task completion progress and allows to avoid missed deadlines and prevents over-optimistic project completion estimates.

It also allows to manage task sequence, task priorities as well as set logical dependencies between tasks with drag-and-drop ease.

Project management with Gantt chart
Predictive Rescheduling

Based on the logical task dependencies and the actual resource availability, Comindware predictive Gantt chart automatically reschedules the remainder of the work so that the overall plan constantly remains up-to-date.

Gantt chart in Comindware Project
Traces and Deadlines

Task traces of the Gantt chart render the difference between the estimated and the actually logged time, which helps project managers track the task completion progress and focus on tasks repeatedly postponed.

Deadlines allow setting "control points" to keep track of the task completion progress and eliminate bottlenecks.

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