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Workflow Management Software

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Workflow-centric low-code process management software for modelling and automation of business operations. Comindware Tracker minimizes dependency on IT and allows non-technical users to design, run and modify Workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity.

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Workflow Management Software Distinct Features

Workflow Engine to control status executionComindware

Design and Execute your Workflows

Comindware Workflow Software allows non-technical users to model, run and modify workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity

  • Comindware Workflow Builder enables the design of workflows in an intuitive web-based UI
  • Comindware Web Forms allow the capturing and management of business and operational data
  • Cloud-based Workflow Automation and unified tasks, data and documents
  • Support for mobile platforms: execute your workflows on-the-go
Task modelling with Workflow BuilderComindware

Low-Code Change and Optimization

The Workflow Management system enables low-code addition and modification of workflows and data with no interruption to ongoing activities.

  • Low code application ensuring quick-win implementation with no IT resources required
  • On-the-fly changes to data, Forms and Workflows
  • Flexible Business Rules to set custom conditions for task hand-overs, approvals and task closures
  • Any number of process steps, both as sequential and parallel
Workflow Automation and Business RulesComindware

Full Visibility and Real-Time Control

Comindware Workflow Management software provides transparency of task flows and helps achieve full control of daily activities.

  • Workflow Engine provides for execution and control of group task flows
  • Workflow execution parameters including ‘by time’, ‘by trigger’ and others can be set in the user interface
  • Business rules enabling mandatory info capture and enhanced exceptions handling
  • Business analytics, fully configurable dashboards, notifications and reporting
Workflow Management software – Comindware TrackerComindware

Improved Efficiency and Performance

Comindware Workflow Management system provides cross-team collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  • Searchable and actionable group discussions
  • Document and knowledge sharing in work context
  • Intelligent Task routing and notifications
  • OOB integration with Outlook, SharePoint and Active Directory

Benefits of Comindware Workflow Management Software

  • Workflow setup via Excel-like Forms and Business Rules as well as drag-and-drop Workflow Editor
  • Easy adoption thanks to the Outlook-style interface
  • Unified Document and Data management
  • Advanced analytics and reporting for effective Workflow Management
  • Cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployment

Workflow Management Solutions

Comindware enables workflow solutions specifically tailored to your business needs.

More examples of Comindware Solutions
Comindware Tracker - Workflow Management Software video overeview

How can Workflow Management help improve your organization’s efficiency?

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In Cloud & On-premise
Comindware in Cloud
In Cloud & On-premise

Comindware® provides both on-premise and in Cloud deployment options as well as enables flexible transition between these options if needed.

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Comindware Mobile Apps

Regardless of the device type – tablet, phone or ultra-book – Comindware ensures a fully consistent user experience and operational continuity.

API and Integrations
API and Integrations
API and Integrations

Comindware provides wide integration capabilities including bidirectional integration scenarios as well as support for both fine grained and bulk export operations – all available through Web Services open API’s and built-in enterprise service bus.

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Change the way you manage your business today!

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What is a workflow software?

Benefits of workflow software

Definition of workflow software: software that provides capabilities for business process automation and optimization. Workflow software enables data and document management along the whole cycle of the business process and facilitate collaboration across departments and offices.

Benefits of workflow software : such software is essential for rapid developing companies as it ensures quick and simple task creation, activity tracking, visibility into delayed tasks, digital data and document management, as well as pre-defined workflows for approval and customer requests management, and a set of other solutions. Online workflow software is aimed at streamlining routine (traditional) business processes, enabling better workflow organization and making business processes agile. Web-based workflow tool also usually provides Outlook and SharePoint integration. On the contrary, to workflow software that is easy-to-use, BPM software provides a more complex approach to workflow management and targets enterprise grade process optimization. However, in some cases a workflow tool is just a piece of a BPM software.

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