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Workflow Management Software

Comindware Tracker

Non-coding workflow software for business process modelling and management, automation of business operations, and workflow productivity boost. Minimize dependency on IT and allows non-technical users to design, run and modify Workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Workflow Management Software
for every department

A wide variety of workflow management solutions have been built with Comindware Tracker across all industries, departments, and workflow scenarios and brought transparency and accountability in businesses.

Key benefits of Comindware Workflow Software:

  • Quick workflow setup with no IT resource required
  • On-the-fly changes to workflows, forms, and data
  • Easy implementation thanks to the Outlook-style interface
  • Unified Document and Data Management
  • Advanced analytics and reporting for effective Workflow Management
  • Cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployment

The Workflow Management system enables non-code addition and modification of workflows with no interruption to ongoing activities. It ensures quick-win implementation and reduces expenses.

Comindware enables workflow management solutions specifically tailored to your business needs.

Centralize document management including discussions and related task history, automate document workflow management and more.

Configure web forms and automate approval workflows for handling capital expenditure, and other approval processes.

Bring visibility into daily HR operations and automate HR workflows for employee onboarding, administrative support, and more.

Automate offer and product requests, lead management, sales contract review, document approval and much more sales workflows.

Streamline IT workflows for IT support requests, access approvals, change management, and any other IT service processes.

Make health insurance claim forms and insurance workflows easier to process, automate fraud and compliance management, and more.

Your organization has specific workflows or requests that go beyond the norm— you are not alone. Workflow software by Comindware has been developed with flexibility in mind and adapts to your challenges and goals. Even more, Comindware Workflow Management Software allows non-technical users to model, run and modify workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Powerful and easy workflow automation tool you were seeking. Risk-free trial!

Key workflow management features

Graphical Workflow BuilderComindware

Graphical Workflow Builder

Design and set up workflows in an intuitive web-based UI of visual workflow builder.

  • Quick workflow setup via Excel-like Forms and Business Rules as well as drag-and-drop Workflow Editor
  • Flexible Business Rules to set custom conditions for task, approvals and task closures
  • Any number of process steps, both as sequential and parallel

User-friendly Workflow Builder can be easily set up and maintained by business users.

Electronic Forms WorkflowComindware

Electronic Forms Design

Easily design and configure web forms with specific data fields and layouts in the graphical UI with drag-and-drop simplicity.

  • Configurable tabs and data fields
  • Data export to MS Word and MS Excel
  • On-the-fly changes to forms

Customized web forms for workflow allow gathering information from users during the execution of a workflow, e.g. for approval, order or change request.

Workflow AutomationComindware

Workflow Automation

Have a powerful, automated workflow up and running within days, not months.

  • Transition and validation rules for automated workflows
  • Time- and condition-based notifications, assignment rules
  • Automatic modification of form fields depending on the workflow step or form data

Cloud-based Workflow Automation tool is designed to increase workflow speed, transparency and team productivity by unifying tasks, resources, documents and people in a single environment.

Outlook WorkflowComindware

Outlook Workflow Tool

Сollaborate on workflows and tasks with your team directly from your Outlook.

  • Synchronization between Outlook and workflow management software lists of tasks
  • Processes behind Outlook workflow tasks in progress\deferred status with play\pause buttons
  • Collaborative thread
  • Files versioning, hierarchy of tasks and subtasks

Combining your email and workflow apps into Outlook workflow tool makes for a powerful solution where employees can conveniently manage their workload from their email and makes tracking and reporting on requests and approvals easy.

Workflow TrackingComindware

Workflow Tracking and Reporting

Get full visibility and real-time control with web-based workflow tracking tool that provides for execution and control of group task flows.

  • Business analytics
  • Fully configurable dashboards
  • Notifications and reporting
  • Support for mobile platforms: execute your workflows on-the-go

Comindware Workflow Software provides transparency of task flows thanks to extended reporting and notifications as well as workflow analysis and coordination features and helps achieve full control of daily activities and workflow management.

Team CollaborationComindware

Team Collaboration

Unify employees, automated processes, and knowledge in a single work environment and improve your team efficiency and performance.

  • Searchable and actionable group discussions
  • Document and knowledge sharing in work context
  • Intelligent Task routing and notifications
  • OOB integration with Outlook, SharePoint and Active Directory

Comindware Workflow system provides a full set of collaboration tools - from information exchange to workarounds, from workflow management to easier task tracking - and maximizes the benefits of social networking, minus the risks and distractions or traditional social media platforms.

Workflow EngineComindware

Workflow Engine

Set the business rules used to guide the path of the workflow and modify them on-the-fly.

  • Execution and control of group task flows
  • Business rules enabling mandatory info capture and enhanced exceptions handling
  • Workflow tools and execution parameters including ‘by time’, ‘by trigger’ and others can be set in the user interface

Сomprehensive Workflow Engine together with ongoing maintenance service and system upgrades is solution of choice for businesses that expect to change business rules and modify workflows frequently.

Powerful and easy workflow management tool to streamline daily tasks. Risk-free trial!

In Cloud & On-premise
Comindware in Cloud
In Cloud & On-premise

Comindware® provides both on-premise and in Cloud deployment options as well as enables flexible transition between cloud-based workflow solution and on-premise one if needed.

Learn more

API and Integrations
API and Integrations
API and Integrations

Comindware provides wide workflow integration capabilities including bidirectional integration scenarios as well as support for both fine grained and bulk export operations – all available through Web Services open API’s and built-in enterprise services.

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Comindware Mobile Apps

Run your workflow seamlessly on your desktop computer, iOS and Android phone or tablet and enjoy fully consistent user experience.

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