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Low-code Workflow and Process Management Software

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Learn the Difference between Workflow and Business Process Management

Workflow Management

Workflow Management software serves for basic process automation. It is the first choice for those on the way from Excel or Outlook-based activity tracking towards a more system oriented approach. Workflow Management software provides key capabilities for task, data and document management and is optimal for non-structured and quickly changing business processes.

Business Process Management Software

Classical BPMS focuses on process optimization as the next step to process automation. It allows not only modeling of sequences of tasks and capturing task related data, but also helps ensure all business processes are executed in the best possible way. Key capabilities include full process automation, activity monitoring, business analytics as well as enterprise system integration.

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Comindware Business Application Platform


Comindware Business Application Platform enables creation of enterprise applications and solutions for all kinds of business needs – both for back and front office operations, such as Customer Order Management/CRM, Order to Cash and Request Management, ITSM, Partner and Supply Chain Management, Compliance and Policy Management and many others.

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Work and Business Management Software

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Comindware Work Management Software provides BPM Suite that includes innovative business applications for process, workflow, case, project and task management, that are based on a powerful and robust foundation for developing, launching and maintaining business applications – Comindware Business Application Platform. Comindware business process management software – is a BPM software that enables automation, management and optimization of complex interconnected business operations. Comindware Tracker® workflow management software provides enhanced capabilities for workflow design and automation with advanced mechanism for execution of the designed workflows – Workflow Engine. Comindware innovative project management system provides easy project planning for Project Managers and more efficient project task management for team members. All Comindware Solutions are supported with unified built-in team collaboration software that provides for close team communication in context of all business activities. Comindware Business Management Software is based on the BPMN 2.0 standard and ensures real-time visibility and full control over ongoing processes, cases and projects.

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