Digital Banking

BPM for Digital Banking

Next generation banks are interactive and provide enriched customer experience through deeper customer engagement. Digital banking services are delivered via an intuitive interface ensuring closely personalized offerings that are available through self-service, branch or partner’s channels. Social activity analytics is largely used to customize the offerings and track customer satisfaction.

This drives the banks today to consider digital transformation and change the business paradigm setting up new digital BPM Banking channels as well as increasingly leveraging customer analytics including social interactions, which is equally important for both retail and commercial banking.

Such next generation digital capabilities become essential:

  • Consolidation of complex customer relationship data including social and work context
  • Digitization of business data and processes to ensure their availability through any channel
  • Support for digital-first and mobile-first models of access
  • Consistency of customer experience across channels
  • Expanding digital touch points
  • Capturing and analyzing customer data for additional insight and value

Comindware Digital Banking BPM Solution

Comindware Digital Banking BPM solution allows for digitalization of banking operations and improvement of efficiency of process and information management. It enables the banks to timely react to changing customer preferences and expectations as well as the growing competitive pressure.

Comindware solution is based on robust Comindware Business Application Platform that provides a unique combination of core banking process management capabilities such as Business Process and Case Management, Data Management and Analytics together with the innovative low-code approach for building enterprise applications. It allows overcoming the underlying core banking systems constraint of siloed applications and advances the front-facing customer and offer management capabilities across all channels.

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  • Consistent customer experience across channels (Omni-channel)
  • Enhanced outreach, customer real-time analytics, personalization and retention
  • Full integration with existing systems, abstraction of legacy applications

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Powerful and easy workflow management tool you were seeking. Risk-free trial!

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