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Powerful and easy workflow engine for businesses that expect to change business rules and modify workflows time and time again. Set the business rules used to route tasks and modify them on-the-fly, without programming.

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Reliable Conductor in Your Workflow Symphony

SaaS workflow engine built into workflow software by Comindware orchestrates tasks from one stage to another based on the process design and makes sure that the workflow is executed properly. It is a reliable driving force in every automated workflow.

Key benefits of Comindware business workflow engine:

After all, the main benefit of a workflow engine is that it makes sure everyone is accountable for their work and deadlines and makes your business overall more efficient.

Powerful and easy workflow automation tool you were seeking. Risk-free trial!

Key Workflow Engine Benefits

Task Routing

Comindware Tracker will ensure handing over tasks automatically, once the previous workflow step is completed.

  • Workflow automation
  • Complex routing patterns, such as parallel routing
  • Configurable notifications

Make sure that workflow tasks are reliably routed and it is always clear who is in charge of the next task.

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Validation & Business Rules

Comindware Workflow Engine provides advanced time-based transition and business rules enabling:

  • Task assignment based on task data
  • Exceptions handling
  • Automatic task reassignment
  • Mandatory data capture
  • Transition and validation rules

Create your own business rules in graphical workflow engine. No coding skills needed.

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Users Authority Determination

A workflow engine checks of the current user is permitted to execute the task. User authority can be determined based on:

  • User role permissions
  • Personal skill set
  • Business rules for specific workflow

Rely on workflow engine in user authority determination and be sure that every task is assigned to a proper employee.

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Real-time Workflow Tracking

Comindware workflow engine provides transparency of the current process status thanks to:

  • Extended reporting and notifications
  • Workflow analysis
  • Coordination features

It’s never been easier to learn whether it is valid executing a task, check given current status and achieve full control of workflow management.

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Configurability & Scalability

Dynamic workflow engine by Comindware enables on the fly process modification and ensures the workflows reflect customer specific business requirements.

Even more, workflow engine architecture is built on a unique and patented graph data base workflow technology – Comindware Elastic Data – which ensures exceptional performance and scalability capabilities.

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