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Stay ahead of your competition with a robust Workflow Management solution for Online Course Development

Online Education is increasingly gaining momentum. Your competitive edge lies in the business critical capability of quickly setting up and optimizing your critical Higher Education processes such as Online Course Development, that requires management of large volumes of data and the orchestration of multiple recurrent processes, such as:

  • Course Development Programs
  • Admissions or Financial Aid Tracking
  • Faculty Onboarding
  • Staff Training and Development

Our webinar: Streamline and Automate critical course development Processes while increasing Productivity WITHOUT increasing resources
Course Development Challenges
  • Unclear responsibilities and failed task hand-offs
  • Disconnected course planning and execution
  • Lost data and time from tracking information with static spreadsheets and e-mail strings
  • Multiple systems for entering and managing data
  • Missed deadlines
Comindware Solution

Comindware Tracker® professional solution for Online Course Development Processes provides full capabilities for quick and easy course development workflow setup while enabling unified document management and cross-team collaboration.

The key benefit of the Comindware Tracker solution for Online Education is the centralization of online course development information such as design and content documents, e-mails and conversations. Comindware Tracker also provides the capability to modify and optimize the online course development workflow on the fly without the need for process interruption, coding skills or help from IT.

Our webinar: Streamline and Automate critical course development Processes while increasing Productivity WITHOUT increasing resources
  • Increase transparency and create team collaboration in the course development process
  • Streamline and automate critical course development processes to increase operational efficiency
  • Gain real-time visibility and control over daily course development processes and tasks
  • Create a centralized depository of course development tasks, documents and people involved

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In Cloud & On-premise
Comindware in Cloud
In Cloud & On-premise

Comindware® provides both on-premise and in Cloud deployment options as well as enables flexible transition between these options if needed.

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Comindware Mobile Apps

Regardless of the device type – tablet, phone or ultra-book – Comindware ensures a fully consistent user experience and operational continuity.

API and Integrations
API and Integrations
API and Integrations

Comindware provides advanced integration capabilities including bidirectional integration scenarios as well as support for both fine grained and bulk export operations – all available through Web Services open API’s and built-in enterprise service bus.

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