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Open Vision Logo

Following implementation of Comindware Solution, the Company has reached a significantly higher level of business process efficiency. We now have a fully functional and scalable solution that meets all our needs.

Vitaly Silantiev, Project Manager

Acronis Service Logo

Comindware`s flexibility is outstanding. It can adapt to custom requirements and processes, and enables us to automate and manage our work more efficiently. And that`s exactly what we were expecting.

Megs Suratkal, Senior Director, Acronis Service and Support

Gazpromavia logo

I would like to highlight simplicity and usability of the system, its ability to adapt to specific workflow processes taking place in our department. Currently we have a software system, fully customized according to our needs and requirements.

Ruslan Gutnikov, deputy head of IT and Communications Department at Gazpromavia

Comindware is deceivingly simple as a platform. While clearly designed for ease-of-use and process development non-technical roles, it provided a power data management layer, reporting capability, and sophisticated task management. Out-of-the-box it offers pre-built applications and processes for common BPM scenarios including IT Help Desk, Software Development, Human Resources, and Office Management.

Nathaniel Palmer, VP and CTO,

Appstorm Logo

Comindware really did stand out for me as a polished and well-thought out piece of business process management software. I was extremely impressed by the app’s interface and the fact it felt very close to using a native computer program and not at all like a web app.

James Cull,

CMSWire Logo

Comindware appears to offer an answer to one of the most serious problems facing enterprises trying to organize their workflows and processes — human behavior.

Dan Berthiaume, Contributing Author, CMSWire

DOK_Magazin Logo

Complex business processes with multiple outcomes require a professional and easily configurable workflow management solution. Comindware is exactly the business process management solution that puts knowledge workers in the center of the work management process and provides for a highly efficient collaboration across team members and whole departments.

Helmut Heptner, General Manager, Central Europe, Comindware Inc.

IT-Director Logo

This tool [Comindware] provided a number of business critical capabilities required by our company. The key differentiators were the intuitive and easily configurable user interface, the open API's for easy integration with the existing IT environment and MS Outlook, as well as its availability on mobile devices.

Bernd Herrmann, Principal Consultant, Acentrix

Techtarget logo

The decision which workflow management software to choose was based primarily on the fact that Comindware made it possible to easily build custom workflows, and it's a task-based system.

16 kHz Case Study

Maxine Giza, Site Editor at TechTarget Logo

Projects are less likely to achieve their goals without a plan, and tracking the progress even with a plan is useless if the plan has remained static. Comindware solution's automated features, predictive technology and more visual user experience not only lighten the burden of updating the project plan but also provide project managers valuable real-time information.

Jose Maria Delos Santos,

Stu Robarts, TechRadar

The platform offers automated scheduling and planning functionality, a clear structured and hierarchical view of projects, and the ability to maximize resource usage across multiple projects.

Stu Robarts, TechRadar

Globial Talks Business Logo

The newly released product extends the product portfolio with the Project Management functionality. It provides enhanced capabilities of integrated social collaboration and automated priority-based planning that adapt to changing requirements continuously and in real time.

Joachim Hackmann, Computerwoche

PC Magazine

Comindware Project helps teams of any size manage an unlimited number of projects in an interface that's simple and clear. It has all the tools you'd expect for managing projects, as well as Rooms where team members can discuss more tangentially related ideas.

Jill Duffy, Contributing Editor, PC Magazine

#1 at Gartner Peer Insights
#1 at Gartner Peer Insights

Comindware was honored with #1 position in BPM Platforms ranking, presented by Gartner and based on real users feedback.

Best Feature Set
The Best Feature Set

Comindware Tracker has won The Best Feature Set award based on quantitative and qualitative user feedback related to the qualities of customer support, usability and breadth of feature set.

G2 Best Estimated ROI
Best Estimated ROI

Comindware Tracker earned the best estimated ROI rating in the workflow management software category based on a combination of estimated time to achieve ROI and time to go live.

Trust Radius
Leader Among Workflow Management Software

With a score of 9.2 out of 10 from and over 70 verified reviews from users, Comindware Tracker is recognized by the TrustRadius community as a leader among Workflow Management Software.

G2 Crowd
Best Business Process Management Software

Comindware Tracker got high rating from its users for customer satisfaction, resulting in it being recognized as a ‘High Performer’ in both workflow and business process management categories.

G2 Crowd
Quick Workflow Management Implementation

Comindware Tracker wins Fastest Implementation Award according to G2 experts’ research of reviews in the workflow management software category to compare products based on customer satisfaction with the implementation and adoption process.

G2 Crowd
High Quality of Support

Comindware Tracker is rewarded for highest overall quality of support score according to real user reviews.

Workflow Automation Leader
Workflow Automation Leader

Comindware Tracker featured as the leading workflow automation software as determined by the unbiased, category-specific ranking methodology that based on scores for user satisfaction and market presence.

G2 Crowd
Capterra Best Value 2018
Best Value 2018

Comindware Tracker was honored with Best Value 2018 award in workflow tools ranking, presented by Capterra, according to a weighted average of real user feedback expressed by Capterra’s business software directory and throughout the Web.

The 10 Best Performing BPM Solution Providers 2017
The 10 Best Performing BPM Solution Providers 2017

Comindware listed among The 10 Best Performing BPM Solution Providers 2017 in Insights Success magazine. Comindware is the first choice for those clients who realize the waste and risk related while using Excel and Outlook for handling requests.

25 Workflow Solutions Transforming Business 2016
25 Workflow Solutions Transforming Business 2016

The CIO Applications editorial board has selected the top players from the competitive field of workflow solutions. Comindware delivers business operations management solutions to enable performance and efficiency optimization.

Capterra Best Ease of Use 2018
Best Ease of Use 2018

Comindware Tracker was rewarded by Capterra as one of the most easy to use workflow management tools in 2018. Comindware Tracker is the first choice for those business people who struggle to configure web forms and workflows easily without involving IT stuff.

CIO Review Top 20 Most Promising BPM Software Vendors
CIO Review Top 20 Most Promising BPM Software Vendors

Comindware listed among the Top 20 Most Promising BPM Software Vendors of 2015 by CIO Review. Comindware Suite was distinguished as leveraging the unique digital-first business operations optimization approach to business transformation and providing a fully integrated product offering for management of Processes, Projects and Cases within a unified work environment.

Innovation IT Award BEST OF 2015
Innovation IT Award BEST OF 2015

Comindware BPM solution was honored with Innovation IT Award BEST OF 2015, presented by Initiative Mittelstand. Initiative Mittelstand awards the most innovative products and solutions for businesses in the technology, information, and telecommunications industries with the annual prize 'Innovation IT’ since 2004.

Cloudswave Awards 2015
Cloudswave Awards 2015

Comindware Project was awarded the Cloudswave Awards 2015 as one of the Top 10 Project Management Software according to Cloudswave Score that is a weighted average of critical and unbiased opinion expressed by industry thought leaders throughout the Web.

10TopTenReviews Logo
TopTenReviews 2015 Excellence Award

Comindware Project is a high-capacity project planner built around planning and project collaboration. Its predictive capabilities help you manage projects with realistic, known performance-based goals, and its notification system helps you keep your teams on task.

Silver Stevie Award 2014
Silver Stevie Award 2014

Comindware, Inc. was awarded the Silver Stevie Award 2014 by Stevie Awards in the Most Innovative Tech Companies of the Year category. The Stevie Awards, hosted by the Annual American Business Awards for the 12th time this year, focuses on outstanding new products and services and on achievements in technology industries.

KMWorld Top 100 2014
KMWorld's 100 Companies That Matter in 2014

Comindware was named one of KMWorld's 100 Companies That Matter in 2014 for delivering a distinctive approach to driving business performance in the knowledge management industry. “Comindware has proven to break down the barriers of the traditional work management industry by providing its customers with practical innovation through its cutting-edge technologies,” said Hugh McKellar, editor-in-chief, KMWorld.

Bizz 2013
Innovation IT Award 2013
Innovation IT Award 2013

Comindware Tracker was honored with Innovation IT Award 2013 for the second place in Top Ranking of BPM solutions, presented by Initiative Mittelstand. Initiative Mittelstand awards the most innovative products and solutions for businesses in the technology, information, and telecommunications industries with the annual prize 'Innovation IT’ since 2004.

Graphie Award 2012
Graphie Award 2012

Comindware Inc. was named the winner of the 2012 Graphie Awards in the Most Innovative Enterprise Graph Application category. The Graphies, hosted by Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, are the only awards that recognize individuals and teams who are developing the most innovative graph database applications.

BPM Maturity Model: Go Deep vs. Go Wide Strategy

What to do when you are challenged with the choice either to increase scope of business processes you manage or retain higher control over what you already have. The article explores the case.

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My Company Nearly Died! The Reason?

Improvement is a central goal to any organization, so what's helpful here is a project-management tool that integrates analytics into the features set. Comindware is just such a tool; it offers you a way to analyze your processes, even as you commit to and iteratively improve them.

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Seven Reasons Why BPM and ACM are Essentially the Same Thing, or Should Be

Read on why traditionally separated Business Process and Case Management now link together and how.

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What CEO and CFO Should Know About Digital Transformation

The article looks at Digital Transformation and its criticality for the Business, outlining key parameters for consideration by CxO executives.

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On the down low: Why CIOs should care about Low-code

Low-code is really about 'democratising' app development for external mobile users: it brings apps closer to the business and speeds up the path of business ideas to the market.

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How enterprises can handle changes in BPM

Is the capability of change the key factor of success? The article provides some useful insights into the subject.

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Digital Transformation and the Changing Enterprise

Due to the Digital Disruption, it is now virtually impossible to develop a business model, cast it into the concrete of an ERP system and leverage highly optimized processes for years. Digital is not about transformation at the core.

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4 Tools to Put a Stop to Time Wasters

Ineffective process management can hold back business growth but Comindware is the solution. Comindware develops innovative Business Process Management solutions enabling performance and efficiency optimization. Comindware BPMS allows for automation, management, and optimization of complex interconnected business processes.

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End-to-End: the Industrial Equipment Case
(Part IV)

The final publication in the BPM series now looking at the process from the two opposite perspectives: the BPM vendor's and the customer's.

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Comindware Project Management Technology Profile

Comindware Project Management featured as a solid and reliable Project Management platform by PCMag.

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What Is the End-To-End Process (Part I)

BPM is full of terms that are either ambiguous or taken for granted. The one that no one bothers to explain is the “end-to-end process”. Some believe it applies to processes spanning across the whole organization. However, the correct way to feature it would be rather as a cross-functional process.

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What Is the End-To-End Process: Energy Case Study (Part II)

Continuing from the previous publication, Anatoliy Belaychuk provides a walk through a typical end-to-end process based on an Energy case.

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Running an Enterprise: Game Changing Business Process, Project and Case Management Capabilities

Anatoly Belaychuk looks at how and what enterprises need to change in a digital world where change is the dominant constant.

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What Is the End-To-End Process: Industrial Equipment Case Study (Part III)

Continuing from the previous publications in this series, Anatoliy Belaychuk looks further at end-to-end processes - this time using the industial equipment management case.

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Business Operations Management Suite - Enabler of Enterprise Digital Transformation

Whether you are a business executive or an IT executive, you know how challenging it is to make the most of the assets you have. Comindware aims to become a trusted partner for both Business and IT unlocking the company's potential though digital business transformation.

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Leading BPM Expert Reviews Comindware BPM Suite

Here's an overview of the cloud-based BPM platform developed and delivered by Comindware. It is the first BPM platform architected natively on a graph data structure.

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The Growing Value of BPM in 2015

An exclusive interview with BPM Evangelist - Anatoly Belaychuk - outlining the key challenges and benefits that BPMS will bring in 2015 and beyond.

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BPM Insight. Round Trip Revisited

Many business process management initiatives suffer from the same pitfall. The ROI figures are impressive and BPM gains the trust from executives, yet attempts to leverage on the initial success to apply BPM enterprise-wide are often far less successful.

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Processes vs. Projects vs. Functions - Addressing Cross-Functional Problems

There are two systematic approaches to cross-functional problem management: 1) project management 2) process management. The article provides insight into benefits and challenges of both.

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CMS Wire
Comindware Automates and Centralizes Multiple Workflow Processes to boost productivity

Automation ideally does not replace human intuition and creativity, but augments it with hard logic and statistical certainties. Comindware Solution is designed to solve this problem enabling coordination, automation and track ing of multiple processes in a unified User Interface.

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TBK Consult
What You Need to Know About the Current State of Traditional BPM Systems

There is an abundance of BPM software products that are pretty much alike. Anatoly Belaychuk summarizes existing types of BPM systems, their key features and differentiators.

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Managing Projects, Processes and Cases

The article helps select the best approach to collaborative work and make an informed decision about the relevant software.

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Huffington Post
10 Effective Business Tools for Entrepreneurs

In the current era of digital enterprise; social media, project management and acquisition seem to be the top areas to focus on. The tools on this list have the potential to become invaluable assets for both businesses, and individuals alike.

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How the Division of Labor Lowers Productivity

As soon as we find a solution for a problem, the solution becomes a problem itself. The division of labor is not an exception: it increases the productivity indeed, but it also decreases it in other cases.

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Functional and Process Management: Tools Support

This article considers the tools (i.e. software) that enable functional, project and process management.

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Huffington Post
10 Invaluable Web Apps and Tools for New Startups

List of tools essential for business management, collaboration, growth and social collaboration that any experienced or new startup might encounter.

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The Unified Collaborative Work Environment

Let’s consider the existing software categories, their collaboration features and capabilities, and the benefits of a Unified Collaboration Environment.

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CMS Wire
Comindware Integrates Project Management, Social Collaboration

Comindware provides project management with pre-built social collaboration envorinment. This integration makes you wonder why more PM tools are not fully integrated with social capabilities.

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Why time is our most valuable resource?

According to major management approaches time is just one of the resources, along with stable funding, strong team, necessary equipment etc. In the long run, all resources can be replenished. All except time.

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Bright Hub
Tracking Tasks With Comindware: Absolutely Automated!

Comindware offers automated workflow solutions—with pre-built templates to ease the way. It’s an interesting business management product that offers a new twist on task management.

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Top 10 web based personal project management tools

Here is a list of 10 project management tools for enhanced project management and tracking of personal tasks.

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Project Management Software: Top Five on the Market

Delivering projects as planned is critical to ensure the continued smooth operation of a business. This article provides an overview of some of the most popular pieces of project management software.

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Comindware Workflow Management Software hits all the right notes with record company

The owner of vinyl record manufacturer company 16 kHz Mark Calabro explains how Comindware Solution has changed the way he runs his business and increased overall efficiency.

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