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Training and Certification

Training and Certification

Employee training is an important factor in the success of any company. Comindware’s courses empower students with the knowledge to create and run their own processes successfully. Train your employees to get them highly skilled with workflow management and maximize their potential.

Certification Program Benefits

Training can be delivered either on-site or online and is extended with self-paced how-to guides and videos, which are a must for everyone intended to become a skilled Comindware Tracker user. Several training options are available and you can choose which one can help you succeed in your job role.

Training Options

Comindware has certification courses for three business roles. Each of these certifications consists of passing a series of learning sessions and an exam to earn certification. Comindware's Certificates confirm that students can professionally work with Comindware Tracker according to their job responsibilities and business roles.

Basic User

Basic User

End user training. Gives a student an understanding of how the product works, interface capabilities and basic workflow management benefits.



Advanced user training. Gives an understanding of workflow automation basics and enables employees with no coding skills to create web forms, create their own processes and automate them quickly.



Practical developer training. Provides a wide knowledge and tools for complex application projects development and workflow management software integration into corporate information systems.

Michael Donaghey

«When building the certification program, we did our best to include the widest possible range of knowledge around workflow management, business innovation and digital transformation, and advanced this knowledge with practical training and best practice insights from experts.»

Michael Donaghey, Vice President of Sales, Americas

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