Software Development Management

Software Development Management

A flexible workflow-based tool for effective software development management, shorter release cycles and support of evolving business needs. Get the release management process automated within days, ensure that each software version goes through the whole set of necessary steps, keep up with changes, boost the number of successful releases, and continuously add value to business.

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Traditionally, software development management is a recurring cycle of planning, scheduling, developing, testing, deploying, and supporting new versions of the corporate IT-system or conpanie’s software product.

Today, while the world and business needs change quicker and most organizations require:

Obviously, it gets vital to make sure that your release managers are productive, flexible and handle their activities effectively: have visibility into daily activities, easily keep track of release cycle status and extend release process upon need, effectively coordinate release through departments. 

An advanced software development management solution based on Comindware Tracker is designed for effortless software development management, quick workflow automation, keeping up with changes, and adding value to business. Easily design a workflow, set up smart rules for release routing, automate notifications for all stakeholders across departments, and set up deadlines and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) without having to code. Even more, it is totally customizable — you can make your software development management tool look and work just the way you want it to.


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Key software development management features

Automated Processes

Have a new, automated software development process and release cycle up and running within days, not months.

  • User-friendly workflow builder for easily process automation and maintenance
  • Any number of process steps, both as sequential and parallel
  • Timely and accurate release routing and notifications
  • Escalations based on inactivity and due dates
  • Full automation and elimination of error-prone spreadsheets/email process tracking
  • Sequential or parallel workflows
  • Ready-to-use IT Help Desk workflow template

Web-Forms for Issue Submission

Easily design issue submission forms and standardize change requests.

  • Graphical form builder available via any web browser
  • Configurable tabs and data fields
  • On-the-fly changes to online forms
  • Files attachment to form submissions
  • Changes to forms during workflow execution

Team Communication and Collaboration

Improve cross-departmental collaboration thanks to a single work environment for employees, automated workflows, documents and knowledge.

  • Manager approval and request management by email or from mobile interface
  • Easy attachment of supporting documents
  • Centralized data and document management
  • Out-of-band integration with MS Outlook and Active Directory

Release Process Transparency and Compliance

Identify software development process bottlenecks and implement corrective action in time:

  • Transparent view of the approval processes and current release status
  • Budget management, including comparison of planned budget vs. actual spend
  • Reports on efficiency of process overall or for individual release cycle
  • Clear, automatically-generated audit trail
  • Visualization for sophisticated software development management process
  • Integration with 3-rd party project management and ERP systems as well as data export and import to ensure accuracy of company balance sheets and income statements.

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Software development and improvement at a faster pace 

Nowadays, organizations require software updates at higher velocity. IT executives address this challenge by rethinking how to manage a software development team, welcoming agile practices and adjusting the role and responsibilities of project managers in software development. New approaches empowered by agile software development tools help a lot with speeding software development process up and ensure continuous deployment.

Further, businesses find it necessary to redesign infrastructure management processes, so that development and operational tasks were no longer separated by silos, but both got focused on business value delivery. Such approach ensures that all IT functions, from software development and release cycle management to IT Help Desk management are able to collaborate effectively. 

When diving into infrastructure management processes redesign it is vital to make sure that technology you choose supports business innovation initiatives when being compatible with IT systems currently in use in a company.

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In Cloud & On-premise

In Cloud & On-premise

Comindware® provides both on-premise and in Cloud deployment options. Besides, flexible transition between cloud-based workflow solution and on-premise one can be rolled out if needed. Learn more

API and Integrations

API and Integrations

Comindware provides wide workflow integration capabilities.Take advantage of bidirectional integration scenarios, s support for both fine grained, and bulk export operations – all available through Web Services open API’s and built-in enterprise services. Learn more

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