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A workflow template is like any other template in that it provides a pattern that can be reused for consistency. For example, if your organization has to adhere to strict reporting rules whenever there’s a safety incident, a workflow template that spells out all the necessary steps and ensures all key personnel are involved can save you time and ensure accuracy and consistency. (more…)
Technology, markets, and customers change, and workflow monitoring is necessary so that business processes continually meet the needs of a competitive marketplace. The first step in accomplishing this is workflow analysis, so you can accurately evaluate current workflows. Those who monitor workflow analyse individual steps in workflow processes, and how those steps are connected to each other. Sometimes a single change in one part of a process can accelerate (or slow down) subsequent parts of a process. (more…)
Creativity is important for businesses that want to excel. It’s how you develop ways to differentiate your products and services from those of your competitors.


Stoneham, MA. – October, 27 2015 – CAPTRON – the leading high-tech manufacturer of capacitive and optical sensors – has implemented Comindware Tracker for end-to-end order-to-assemble process automation.


Faulty workflow models are fairly easy to recognize. When a workflow model has not been thought all the way through, you’ll discover work-arounds, delays, re-working and gaps where steps have been omitted. Substandard workflow modelling produces processes that are illogical and cumbersome. (more…)
“Workflow” is a broad term that covers any series of tasks that results in an outcome. The process of changing the oil in a car is a workflow, as is baking a cake, designing a circuit, or creating an annual report. You probably know from experience that when you have a “system” for accomplishing something you tend to be more consistent and do a better job of it, because you are less likely to skip steps. (more…)
Many organizations like the concept of implementing workflow software, yet they may feel like a simple workflow software solution is either nonexistent or would still require an intensive IT initiative. The typical business manager has an excellent grasp of how objects in a process or workflow relate to each other, but may believe that translating that knowledge into action through an easy workflow software system is not possible.
Workflow process mapping is one of the most important steps in managing workflows. Whether you specifically define them or not, your organization has workflows, because that’s how things get done – how products get made and how services get delivered. The problem with undefined workflows is that they often develop quickly, out of need, and not necessarily with enough foresight to make them efficient. Then, over time, that inefficient workflow becomes entrenched, making the inefficiency harder to break out of.

Project management software have to continually evolve to keep up with the changing pace and expectations of today’s marketplace. Fortunately, technology is allowing project management software to gain sophistication, power, and flexibility so project managers can stay on top of every project phase and ensure all the right people are informed along the way.

Project management workflow can be thought of as similar to the GPS system that helps you find your way while driving. A good project management workflow process calculates the most efficient “route” to get from where you are today to the completion of your project. Selecting the right project management workflow software can be challenging, because there are many options, and some are better suited to your organization than others. (more…)