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Approval Workflow Management Software

Approval Workflow Management Software

Reliable approval management software for consistent and transparent approval processes and shorter approval cycles. Get the approval process automated within hours, ensure that each approval request goes through a rigorous review process quickly, and gain both policy compliance and full traceability.

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Automated approval processes for every department

It is vital for companies, regardless of size, to improve ability to make and execute decisions better and faster than competitors. The ability to handle requests effectively and make decisions quickly is often hampered by manual request and approval management through lengthy email strings. Workflow software successfully replaces manual processes by automating task flow within request handling and approval management processes.

There are hundreds of different types of business approval processes, from sick leave approval to CapEx approval process, handled in every company on a regular basis.

Examples of Approval Workflows


Quote approval workflow, contract approval workflow, product discount approvals.


Benefit change approval process, timesheet approval workflow, new hire workflow, vacation approvals.


Purchase approval workflow, salary/ wage change workflow, invoice approval workflow, CapEx approvals.

Social Services

Social programs launch, social services approval, new client approval workflow, and more.


General procurement approval workflow, purchase request approval, new vendor approval workflow, bid approvals.


Marketing campaign approval workflow, print/online ad request, sponsorship approval process, marketing collateral approvals.


Legal hold approvals, document approval workflow, request for production, policy approval workflow.

Powerful and easy approval software you were seeking. Risk-free trial!

Benefits of automated approval workflows

Companies or HR, Finance, Marketing, Legal and other departments handle both internal and external approval requests and need an effective way to:

Business approval workflows automation ensures approval requests are handled effectively and better and faster decisions are made while getting all the necessary information to audit on the approval workflow in time. Utilizing a proper approval workflow software significantly increases the accuracy, transparency and efficiency of your approval processes.


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Key approval workflow software features

Approval request forms

Request-specific web forms collect all required information to ensure that the proper request information is provided in the proper format and trigger proper approval workflow. Approval forms and created with drag-and-drop simplicity in the graphical form builder, which available via any web browser.

Automated approvals

Proper approval workflow automatically takes submitted form and route request information as set up. Processes can be simple, single threaded flows that go from A to B or complex, parallel processes that branch off based on rules built into the workflow. Graphical workflow builder allows business users to create, run and change approval workflows on-the-fly without help of IT stuff.

Approvals tracking and collaboration

Internal and external users are given access to a portal where they can submit requests, track approval status, take any necessary follow-up actions and provide feedback to staff handling their requests. A portal is available from both mobile and desktop web browsers and allows approvals tracking on-the-fly thanks to customizable notifications. Even more, you can work with approval workflow tasks right from MS Outlook.


Implementation example

16 kHz uses low-code workflow software by Comindware for effective product life cycle management and team collaboration. Thanks to process automation the vinyl record pressing company dramatically boosted allotment team performance, streamlined product life management cycle and improved products and services quality.

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Powerful and easy approval software you were seeking. Risk-free trial!

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In Cloud & On-premise

In Cloud & On-premise

Comindware® provides both on-premise and in Cloud deployment options. Besides, flexible transition between cloud-based workflow solution and on-premise one can be rolled out if needed. Learn more

API and Integrations

API and Integrations

Comindware provides wide workflow integration capabilities.Take advantage of bidirectional integration scenarios, s support for both fine grained, and bulk export operations – all available through Web Services open API’s and built-in enterprise services. Learn more

Comindware Mobile Apps


Run your workflow seamlessly on your desktop computer, iOS and Android phone or tablet and enjoy fully consistent user experience.

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