As your business grows, you welcome new marketing channels and time after time need new and updated marketing collateral — website, brochures, presentations, business cards, point-of-sale, product showcase, etc. COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on customer behavior and economics are forcing businesses to rethink their marketing strategies. Everyone who can move any of their services online is doing it or at least welcoming new online communication channels quickly. And it becomes even more important to make sure that your team is able to create digital marketing collaterals and other materials in time.

Marketing Collaterals Management Challenges

Out of the blue, your colleague informs that the CEO has been invited to speak at the conference and they need a presentation and a one-page brochure. The conference is next week and you have to submit the press-ready design today or tomorrow at the latest, if you want the brochure to be printed in time. Has the conference moved online? OK, you don’t need to print brochures any more, but pdf-version of the brochure and presentation design are still urgent. Besides, your team has a bulk of other requests for other marketing materials starting from business cards and promotional images, to sales scripts and web content. In this situation, it is a challenge to ensure that it is clear who is responsible for what and keep tracking of priorities and the collateral statuses. Eventually it generates risk of delayed launch of marketing campaigns due to late marketing collateral material creation or approval, and further negative impacts on your bottom line. In order to avoid the risks mentioned above, it is likely to make sure that your marketing collateral management workflow is accurate and effective.

Ready-to-use contract approval workflow template and other workflow templates are bundled into Comindware COVID-19 Recovery Kit, workflow automation solution for pandemic crisis mitigation.

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How to Organize Marketing Collaterals Management Process

When the сollaterals creation, review and approval process is a nebulous thing for employees it can easily get stuck in an endless cycle of revisions for days, weeks, or months. In order to avoid mess and establish necessary workflow, discuss marketing collateral strategy with the team and create and follow clear instructions, which include every step of request-to-delivery cycle, from collateral request and requirements analysis to sample creation, final approval and delivering collateral to the requestor.

Marketing collateral management workflow can be pretty complex and require steps for creating marketing collateral examples or templates of new types of collateral for further repeated use, budget approval, several rounds of collateral sample review, final collateral approval. Obviously, as many materials you require, as more challenging it becomes to ensure proper marketing collateral tracking. In this situation, an automated collateral management process helps a lot with ensuring compliance with collateral requirements and timely material delivery. Once a collateral request is submitted, workflow software automatically routes it to all the necessary phases, distributes new versions to reviewers/approvers, reminds persons involved in the process of deadline and provides employees with a friendly interface for their tasks management and reporting. Even more, when using workflow software as a marketing collateral tool, you ensure that all the related documents, comments and other context is carefully stored and your team can keep on the same page easily.

Eligible for COVID-19 Related Governmental Funding
The Recovery Kit is designed for supporting activities to immediately mitigate and recover from the COVID crisis and eligible for COVID-19 Related Funding. Good choice for either those directly tackling pandemic effects, or those working in unrelated fields but getting temporary financial support to continue delivering their services.

Marketing Collaterals Management Workflow Template

Comindware offers easy and powerful workflow automation software with the ready-to-use template of marketing collaterals management process and customizable collateral request form. Of course, your workflow is unique and might look different than this template. Start quickly with this workflow template and be aware that your process will remain live and can be changed and adapted with drag and drop simplicity. Besides, you can easily integrate your collateral management workflow with your Content Management System or any web service you use for your marketing needs and ensure smooth documents and data exchange.

Marketing сollaterals management workflow template

Marketing сollaterals management workflow template

Fully adjustable marketing collateral request form

Fully adjustable marketing collateral request form

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