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Naturally, all businesses have purchase request workflows, and their impact on the bottom line is severe for businesses in manufacturing and retail industries, and less tangible for others. Nevertheless the purchase request process will play even more important role in the post-crisis recovery.

Purchase Request Process Challenges

Purchase request workflow is frequently managed manually or utilizing technology to a greater or lesser extent. In this situation, the purchase request passes through the hands of numerous persons, from the original requester to multiple reviewers and approvers, and then to the employee who handles the final purchase order. Add queries for additional information, resubmissions and miscommunications, which may cause delays to the whole process. At the end of the day, the margin for error can be high as well as risk of late or incorrect deliveries, both financial and reputation losses, and other negative impacts. In order to avoid the risks mentioned above, it is likely to make sure that your purchase request workflow is reliable, effective and transparent.

Ready-to-use contract approval workflow template and other workflow templates are bundled into Comindware COVID-19 Recovery Kit, workflow automation solution for pandemic crisis mitigation.

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How to Improve Purchase Request Workflow

It is unlikely that your procurement staff saboteur their tasks. So, the purchase request process can be significantly accelerated thanks to minimizing delays in the transition of a request from one person to another. It will also be useful to ensure that every request is advanced with the comments of reviewers and the history of its movement through the process. Workflow management software helps a lot with bringing the recommendations above in life by automating your purchase request workflow. The benefits of an automated process may include quick and transparent request handling, reduced human error, and on-demand reports.

Eligible for COVID-19 Related Governmental Funding
The Recovery Kit is designed for supporting activities to immediately mitigate and recover from the COVID crisis and eligible for COVID-19 Related Funding. Good choice for either those directly tackling pandemic effects, or those working in unrelated fields but getting temporary financial support to continue delivering their services.

Purchase Request Workflow Template

Comindware offers workflow automation software with the ready-to-use template of purchase requisition process and customizable payment request form. You will not have to adjust your operations to these templates — use them for quick start and correct it according to your business needs with drag’n’drop simplicity. Even more, you can easily integrate your purchase request workflow with your ERP or accounting system and ensure they exchange information smoothly.

Electronic purchase request process template

Electronic purchase request process template

Fully adjustable purchase request form

Fully adjustable purchase request form

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Other workflow templates:

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