In Cloud, On‑premise and Hybrid Deployment

Comindware Business Application Platform and Comindware solutions are available in three deployment options: in Cloud, on-premise and hybrid.

You can start with prototyping in Cloud and have a dedicated solution instance deployed on your own servers, especially in case you have regulatory requirements to do so as for example in cases of government contracts.

You can also anytime switch from Cloud-based Case Management or Project Management to complex SaaS Business Process Management with all your data and communications retained in the system.

BPM Cloud

BPM Cloud

Comindware Cloud BPM solution provides all key business process management capabilities including business process modeling, automation and analysis.

BPM Software Overview

Workflow Cloud

Workflow Cloud

Comindware Cloud Workflow Software enables management and automation of human workflows and department level business processes. It provides Web Forms for flexible data capture as well as Document Management and Corporate Communications within a single Could Workflow Management solution.

Workflow Management System Overview

Project Management Cloud

Project Management Cloud

Comindware Cloud based Project Management software supports the entire project lifecycle starting from project and resource planning, progress tracking, timesheets and reporting.

All data, activity statuses and related documentation are available for project managers and all team members thanks to Comindware Cloud Project Management software.

Project Management System Overview

Software as a Service
Software as a Service

Comindware® provides subscription options including SaaS Project Management, SaaS Workflows and SaaS BPM.

Among advantages of using the SaaS model are reduced software, support and administration costs as well as higher reliability, security and scalability.

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Comindware provides Business Process Management software, Workflow Management software and Project Management software with three deployment options: Cloud, on Premise and Hybrid. Cloud deployment enables instant access to all data and operations management capabilities that need team members and managers of small businesses and big enterprises; on Premise or hybrid deployment options ensures fully secure in-house data and process management.

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