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Comindware online project planning software significantly simplifies project planning and ensures optimal resource allocation and task tracking.

It allows to easily define the task hierarchy and set task priorities with drag-and-drop reflecting those in the graphical Work Breakdown Structure mode. It automatically calculates resource conflicts based on logical task dependencies.

In case of task overlap or resource overload, it provides alternative resource assignment options based on the resource availability including resource skills, current workload as well as the working calendar data.

Automated Priority-based Project Planning

Import Project Plans from MS Project

Comindware Project Planning tool allows easy import of MS Project project plans. The import can be done in a few clicks with all project plan data automatically synchronized.

In case of partner projects and the need to exchange project plans, Comindware project plans can be also exported into the MS Project format.

project planning software Comindware Project

Automated Priority-based Project Planning

With automated priority-based project planning you can schedule your projects by assigning tasks and defining priorities through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Your project plan will be calculated automatically.

Unlike other project planning tools, with Comindware system there is no need to worry about resource leveling, manual task linking, and hard-to-define numeric priorities.

Progress Tracking and Reporting

Progress Tracking and Reporting

Comindware Project Planning solution provides a unified working environment for both project managers and team members, which ensures having all project data in a single system and immediately available for reporting.

This way there is no need for synchronization emails or status calls – all data on time spend and task status is entered into the system by task assignees and can be immediately acted upon by project managers.

Comindware Project Planning

Stay Up-to-Date and Share Work Context

Comindware Project Planning system ensures that project managers and team members share the latest and fullest work context. That is enabled through comprehensive social collaboration capabilities embedded in the system – those including discussions associated with tasks, documents or task performers, discussion rooms enabling cross-team communication as well as fully configurable notifications.

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