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Comindware online project planning software that helps you get your work done by dramatically simplifying project planning for managers and facilitating task execution for project members.

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Automated Priority-based Project Planning

With automated priority-based project planning you can schedule your projects just by assigning tasks and defining priorities through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Your project plan will be calculated automatically.

Unlike other project planning tools, with Comindware system there is no need to worry about resource leveling, manual task linking, and hard-to-define numeric priorities.

Automated Priority-based Project Planning

Import project plans from MS Project

In case you already are using MS Project for your project planning needs, you don’t have to re-create your plan manually in Comindware solution.

Just import the MS Project file into Comindware online planning software in a couple of clicks. It is really simple with Comindware planning tool!

Change the way you manage your business today!

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Project Planning Software

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Developed for professional project execution and collaboration, Comindware Project Management system sets its goal to simplify project planning experience to the extent that it is no longer a burden for Project Managers and Teams. Comindware turns online project planning into a sequence of easily executable steps making it possible to build even a complex project management plan in a significantly shorter period of time. Prior to actual planning, you can create a visual project structure for a cleaner and easier planning experience. Just drag and drop elements of your initial plan with a help of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) project planning tool. With Automated Priority-based Planning, Comindware Project Management tool automatically creates project plans - all you need is to assign project tasks and set priorities. This way, Comindware automated project scheduling software helps you avoid time-consuming manual scheduling and do other important tasks instead. Moving further, Comindware project tracking software extends capabilities of standard project planning software by bringing execution and collaboration into a single place - thanks to Comindware enterprise social tool designed for efficient team collaboration in the context of work.

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