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Comindware Project
  • Are you looking for a Project Management system that allows easy project management and task tracking?
  • Are you struggling with conflicting document versioning and confusing e-mail threads?
  • Are you challenged with unclear statuses of your projects, misleading resource workload views and inaccurate task completion dates?

Project Management Software

Comindware Project® is an innovative Project Management software that simplifies planning for project managers and facilitates execution for team members. It provides project teams with a real-time view on project priorities and task delivery dates, calculates the actual resource workload and availability as well as automatically tracks project completion progress.

Comindware Project Management solution provides advanced project management capabilities, such as: automated Priority-Based Planning, predictive real-time Gantt-Chart, visual Work Breakdown Structure and other. It also provides a fully intuitive drag & drop user interface for quick and easy solution configuration. It also provides a single true source of all project-related information as well as the social collaboration environment required for daily communication in the workplace.

Comindware Project Management tool is based on Comindware Business Application Platform and provides open API’s for third party system integration as well as out-of-the-box integration adapters, for example for Microsoft Outlook.

Project Management Software
Why Comindware
  • Unify tasks, documents and people in a single system
  • Optimize resource utilization
  • Have your team execute timely and efficiently on project priorities
  • Maximize visibility into team workload and increase performance
  • Collaborate on and across projects fully in context of work
  • Manage your projects on the go from any mobile device

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Project Management Software Features

Project planning in Comindware ProjectComindware

Automate project planning and simplify prioritization

Save hours of your time planning and prioritizing activities for your team with Comindware Project Management Software. Create tasks, assign resources and set priorities with drag-and-drop ease with Comindware Automated Priority-based Planning. Your project plan will be created automatically and based on the actual resource workload and the work calendar.

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Project tracking in Comindware Project

Intuitive project progress tracking

Project tracking capability enables team members to calculate realistic deadlines by tracking the actual task completion progress. Use baselines to make snapshots of your project plan, see how it has been changing over time and make appropriate corrections. You can set up Task Deadline Alerts while project tracking to be instantly notified if your tasks are behind schedule.

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Gantt-chart in Comindware ProjectComindware

Stay on top of the actual project completion date with Gantt-chart

Spot project issues early during project execution and make timely management decisions with Comindware Project Management tool.

Comindware Predictive Real-Time Gantt-chart provides for tracking of the current resource workload and the task completion progress. It automatically recalculates the project plan to render the actual project completion date and presents it in an intuitive Gantt chart view.

Learn more about Gantt-Chart

Comindware Project Work Breakdown Structure Comindware

Visualize your projects and modify project structure

Using Comindware Project Work Breakdown Structure capability you can easily present and modify the project task and sub-task structure. Drag-and-drop the tasks and assign resources in the fully graphical mode.

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Resource management in Comindware ProjectComindware

Real-time Resource Management

Allocate project resources based on their current workload and the work calendar in Comindware Project Management system. Perfectly match the assigned resources to the skills and roles required in your project. The project plan will be created or updated automatically.

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Team collaboration in Comindware ProjectComindware

Execute on projects and collaborate across the company

Comindware Project delivers a unified workspace for discussions, data and document sharing enabling highly efficient cross-team project collaboration fully in context of work.

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Comindware Mobile Apps

Regardless of the device type – tablet, phone or ultra-book – a consistent user experience and operational continuity is ensured.

API and Integrations
API and Integrations
API and Integrations

Wide integration capabilities including bidirectional integration scenarios as well as support for both fine grained and bulk export operations are available through Web Services open API’s.

In Cloud & On-premise
Comindware in Cloud
In Cloud & On-premise

On-premise and in Cloud deployment options as well as flexible transition between them are enabled.

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Project Management Software

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Comindware Project® is the state of the art project management software designed to bring incomparable collaboration and project execution capabilities into your project management environment. Unlike with traditional project management tools, Comindware Project extends a traditional project management approach by letting teams and project managers collaborate within and beyond their projects and instantly track their progress - all in a single project task management software. On top of that, Comindware dramatically simplifies project planning and resource management with its unique project management tools, including Automated Priority-based Planning, Work Breakdown Structure and Predictive Gantt chart. Available on-premise, as well as online project management software, Comindware Project provides unmatched team task management capabilities that turn project plans into successfully executable projects. All together, Comindware Project and Comindware Tracker®, company’s flagship workflow management software for project managers and teams, fulfill our mission to deliver a single solution for managing tasks, projects and processes.

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