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Project Management software Comindware Project Video Review

Online project planning – a simple and cost effective way to organize projects

Online project planning

Online project planning is an optimum chance for your business to try project planning online. It is easy and simple, you do not need to install an application or integrate a complex business automation system to get desired project planning options or order custom development of project planning tool considering all the aspects of your business. Project planning online is a perfect chance to feel the efficiency of the project management tool and save costs on purchasing of the project planning software.

Residing to online project planning you will get the same set of options and features you can get from a standard project planning tool developed by an IT-company. Modern project planning online solutions are the same effective and easy to use. Moreover most of the offers are completely free and do not require any efforts to master the usage.

start working in a project planning online

To start working in a project planning online environment you just need to choose a proper platform offering you a desired set of options and create an account. Some of the online project planning tools will require verification of your personal data as mobile phone and email, others will let you in the project management area without any verifications and checking.

You can browse the most popular online project planning applications. Most of the official sites will give the advantages of incorporating that very system on the landing page. After you log in, you will see a virtual environment to initiate a project or to track the projects. Many project planning online tools enable you to invite your employees and third party experts to take part in the online project. Here you will be able to check the conversation rooms and to read, to join or to leave the discussions. You will be able upload documents and download the changed documents from the project participants. You can set tasks in online project planning tool and get the tasks tracking in the real time mode. Be sure, that after you set a task or any other event related to your current project or projects all the participants or people related to the projects (as bosses and top managers controlling the execution of the project as well as the achievements of the staff, etc.) will immediately get notifications via featured channels of notification. Most of the online project management systems use email channel to notify the participants of the projects on the new tasks, events and changes in the project.

However, you can find online project planning tools which support other channels of notification (via mobile phone, for example).

What are the benefits of online project planning usage?

For many companies and small businesses the advantages of using project planning software is not as clear and obvious as for large corporations engaging analytical departments to plan, organize and analyze the resource flow within the business, human resources and financial component of the business life cycle.

companies project planning tool

For small local companies project planning tool is an optimum solution as it gives you:

  • Virtual environment to keep all the documents, chats, emails related to the project
  • Environment for business communication and interaction as well as for team collaboration on the project
  • Online project planning tool enables you to engage third party representatives to take part in the project
  • Project planing online saves time and helps to avoid unnecessary expenses
  • Project management tool helps to properly plan the human resources for the project and choose people with proper skills

Unfortunately online project planning tools commonly lack the options. These are web-based applications providing a basic set of functions while a server-based project management tool will give more opportunities for planning and organizing.

server-based version of project planning software

The key difference lies in profiles of resources. When you start project planning online you can use only the features related to the project (start, notify, stop, end, invite users, chat with project participants). You will still need to make a decision on which resources to take for the projects relying only on your knowledge about the resources of your company, while using the server-based version of project planning software you will get access to a powerful analytical base of employees, their experience and skills, to technical base and its state, to financial and informational resources.

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