Review Rewards Program

Earn $25 Amazon* or iTunes* Gift Card for leaving Comindware Tracker review on software review websites.

7 easy steps to earn $25

  1. Open Comindware Tracker page at Trustradius, click “Write review” and answer 7 simple questions in a positive manner.
  2. Save your answers on your computer. You will need them later.
  3. Submit your review and consider $5 are in your pocket.
  4. Replicate your review on the following websites and increase your reward by $5 for each: CrowdReviews, G2Crowd, Capterra, ITCentralStation.
  5. Make sure your review is live.
  6. Copy your review text and send it to
  7. Receive your $25 Gift Card.

Participation Terms

This reward is offered regardless your citizenship or nation. You cannot be an employee of Comindware or of any of its competitors. Allow up to five (5) business days for product reviews to be approved by Comindware. Reward delivery date may not match the approval date. Comindware at its sole discretion will determine if you and your submitted review meets the above criteria and may refuse your reward if it cannot be certain that you meet all of the requirements from the information you provide. Comindware reserves the right to modify, amend, or cancel the Program, at its discretion, at any time.

* and Apple are not sponsors of this promotion. Except as required by law, Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Cards, in addition to unused balances, are not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned for a cash refund); exchanged; resold. Proper Gift Cards may be used only for purchases of eligible goods at or certain of its affiliated websites. App Store & iTunes Gift Cards are solely for the purchase of goods and services on the iTunes Store, Mac App Store, iBooks Store, and App Store. For complete terms and conditions, see: Amazon Gift Cards are issued by ACI Gift Cards LLC, a Washington corporation. All Amazon ® ,™ & © are IP of, Inc. or its affiliates. No expiration date or service fees. iTunes Gift Cards are issued and managed by Apple Value Services, LLC.

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