Sales Process Management

Sales Process Management Software to Provide Enhanced Visibility and Control

The Sales organization is the key revenue-generating unit in any company. Sales operations require well-defined, standardized and continually optimized processes and data.

Main processes supported are:

  • Lead Management
  • Pipeline Management
  • Bid Management
  • Contract Management


  • Erroneous or duplicated customer data
  • Unclear responsibilities and disconnected processes
  • Lack of single point of truth, scattered data and documents
  • Lack of timely notifications and reporting

Comindware Sales Process Management Solution

Comindware solution for Sales Operations Management brings together Sales, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain and Delivery business units and enables a unified working environment for cross-department business process management.

Comindware Sales Process Management Software provides flexible Workflows for process standardization and daily task routing. Comindware Web Forms enable data capture with unlimited capabilities as to the data types or volumes. Configurable search, reporting and data import/export capabilities ensure timely access to business critical information.

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  • Unified working environment for people, data and business processes
  • Real-time visibility into daily activities and their statuses
  • Optimized process flows, specifically approvals and task hand-over’s
  • Increased team productivity and collaboration

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Tell us about your business, request more information on Comindware solutions or ask a question.

Sales process management software

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Comindware Tracker® – is sales automation and management software that enables process tracking, workflow coordination and client management in sales department. Automate and manage smoothly any sales operations from proposal preparation to price discount requests. Sales process management software provides you with all necessary capabilities including real-time reporting tools, rooms for collaboration, as well as flexible business process integration with other systems. Comindware sales operations management solution enables you start quickly with pre-designed, customizable sales workflow process management templates that aim to overall business process improvement. Learn more about Comindware Tracker solutions for other departments, including Finance and Administration, Marketing and many others.

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