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IT Help Desk systems play a critical role in ensuring reliability, availability and continuity of enterprise IT services. To do so, IT Help Desk software needs to provide ITIL-based service management coupled with data management and social collaboration.

IT Help Desk solution provides:

  • IT service catalog and CMDB
  • IT process management including request, change, incident, problem management
  • Comprehensive SLA tracking and reporting
  • Knowledge and best practice management

IT Help Desk Challenges

  • Lack of process visibility & control
  • Unclear task hand-overs and responsibilities
  • Long request response times
  • Lack of proper reporting & quality assessment

Comindware IT Help Desk Solution

Comindware IT Help Desk software provides IT users with all the necessary capabilities for IT service management including inventory of IT services and assets as well as incident, problem, request and change management. Comindware IT Help Desk system also ensures that users can capture, track and manage SLA’s in a single system. Finally, the IT Help Desk solution delivers a cross department knowledge base for best practice sharing and team collaboration.

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  • Industry best practices based solution
  • Visibility and transparency of all processes
  • Built-in Knowledge Base for enhanced collaboration
  • Intuitive, flexible and easily configurable Unified Workspaces

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Tell us about your business, request more information on Comindware solutions or ask a question.

IT Help Desk software

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Comindware IT Help Desk solution enables for automation of IT operations, business process reengineering and team collaboration in a single application. It provides pre-built and ready-to-use business applications for managing a variety of recurrent IT Help Desk processes, including IT requests management, incident and problem tracking and other. Comindware helps you to reduce IT team workload, ensures the entire department works in a highly manageable way, as well as provides tools for document management and real-time reporting. That leads to overall business process improvement. Learn more about Comindware solutions for other departments, including Marketing, Sales and many others on Comindware website.

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