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It has never been so easy to design and roll out workflows! Online graphical workflow builder can be easily set up and maintained by business users. Even more, it allows adjusting workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity.

  • Business-friendly Workflow Maker that can be set up and maintained by business users
  • On-the-fly workflow changes: no need to discontinue business operations
  • Full support for Web Forms and data of any complexity related to the workflow

Comindware Tracker® provides a visual Workflow Builder that allows creation and management of the required business process along with all the data and forms for working with the data in an easy and intuitive way. Just drag and drop the steps in the Workflow Creator, connect them with the data, forms and the workflow steps logic, and the workflow is ready to be used immediately.

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Visual Web-based Workflow EditorComindware

Visual Web-based Workflow Editor

Workflows can be configured visually in Workflow Editor by business users without coding effort and in any web browser.

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Visual Web-based Workflow BuilderComindware

Data and Web Forms Designer

Workflows can include all of the related data (including complex sets of data linked by references) and Web Forms that are all configured by business users without IT coding and in a web-based interface.

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Comindware Data Management systemComindware

Workflow Maker Business Rules

Business rules are an integral part of the Workflow Maker. They allow to automatically check and enforce company business rules in full accordance with corporate policies.

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Import Data from ExcelComindware
Advanced Security Settings

Comindware® advanced security enables definition of roles and responsibilities and data access rights within the workflows including the filed-level access.

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Comindware Data Management systemComindware
Custom e-mails

With the Custom e-mails feature it is made possible to notify select users of specific events, e.g. task completion or a due date delay.

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