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Comindware Tracker

Powerful workflow automation software

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Cutting-edge Workflow Automation

Workflow automation systems allow to unify tasks, resources, documents and people in a single environment, which leads to increased process speed, visibility and team productivity. Workflow automation brings significant benefits to companies, including capacity for business process improvement.

Comindware Tracker® Workflow Automation software delivers advanced workflow automation tools and capabilities, that include workflow design, configuration and modeling among others. You can visually define and control tasks, track approvals and requests.

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  • Highly configurable Workflow Automation software
  • Streamlined Resource and Task Management
  • Low code template driven workflow configuration

Workflow Automation with Comindware Tracker

Streamline Task Management
Streamline Task Management

With Comindware Tracker Workflow Engine your processes will be easily rendered into a series of automated workflows. Comindware Tracker will ensure handing over tasks automatically, once the previous workflow step is completed.

Create configurable web forms

Bind processes and data together through fully configurable web forms. Comindware Tracker Workflow Management App allows to quickly set up and modify your workflows with a drag and drop simplicity in an intuitive graphical interface. Visually create web forms with any layout and fields to collect all data needed for efficient process execution.

Create configurable web forms
Set your own business rules
Set your own business rules

Build rules to flexibly orchestrate your processes. Business rules include transition and validation rules, time- and condition-based notifications, assignment rules and other. Create and modify rules to validate and automatically modify form fields depending on the workflow step or form data.

Optimize and scale your daily processes
with Comindware Tracker!


Comindware`s flexibility is outstanding. It can adapt to custom requirements and processes, and enables us to automate and manage our work more efficiently. And that`s exactly what we were expecting.

Megs Suratkal, Senior Director, Acronis Service and Support

In the Cloud
& On-premise
and Integrations
Comindware in Cloud
Comindware Mobile Apps
Comindware Tracker API and Integration

Start quickly running the workflow automation software out of the Comindware’ secure Cloud - with low start-up costs and no installation and maintenance required.

Or get full control with the on-premise installation and lower your ongoing costs.

Comindware Tracker Workflow Software provides for higher productivity thru extended mobile support. The mobile user interface is highly intuitive and adaptive.

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Ensure full data and process transparency leveraging open API’s.

Comindware Tracker API is based on the Web Services standard and allows for flexible integration with any kind of 3d party applications including CRM, ERP, Billing & Invoicing and other.

Workflow Automation System

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Comindware Tracker® Workflow Automation software allows to unify tasks, resources, documents and people in a single environment. Workflow Automation tool delivers advanced automation tools and capabilities, including Workflow Engine that ensures automatic tasks hand over and streamlined Task Management, Workflow Builder for on the fly process modification, configurable web forms to bind processes and data together, business rules to flexibly orchestrate your processes and other. Comindware is a global enterprise software company that provides solutions for resource, project, case, workflow and process management, as well as business process automation built on top of Comindware Platform.