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Workflow software to optimize your daily processes

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Robust Workflow Management Software to streamline routine processes and make your business truly agile

Comindware Tracker® seamlessly connects tasks, documents, data, and people into a single collaborative work environment powered by an easily configurable Workflow Automation tool.

Comindware Tracker minimizes business dependency on IT allowing you to quickly set up and modify your workflows with a drag and drop simplicity and in an intuitive graphical interface.

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  • Replace unproductive spreadsheet-based process with highly automated workflow software
  • Gain real-time visibility and eliminate process bottlenecks
  • Increase your team productivity and boost collaboration

Workflow Management Solutions

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Workflow Management Software Features

Build your Workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity

Comindware Tracker Workflow Designer provides for flexible and visual design of business processes in the web based interface. Process design is easy and intuitive – no need to learn BPMN.

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approval workflow
approval workflow
Implement quickly and easily.
No coding is required

Comindware Tracker Workflow Engine provides for execution of the designed Workflows. It enables setting of conditional transitions and configuring of workflow launch and execution parameters such as by trigger or by time.

It also allows for on the fly workflow modification ensuring full process continuity.

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Quick and easy Web Form set-up

Comindware Tracker provides for visual design of Web Forms. It allows for creation of custom form fields to enable tracking of data specific for the customer’s business. Comindware Tracker Web Forms data can be exported to Microsoft Word in a single click.

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Web forms for Issue Tracking
Issue Tracking in Real time
Know real-time status and eliminate bottlenecks

Gain real-time visibility and control over all your processes and identify bottlenecks. Set up scheduled automated reports to enable timely management decisions.

Boost your team collaboration and engagement

Discuss and collaborate on tasks, track documents and share knowledge in Comindware Tracker Workflow Process Software – get your team engaged in your daily processes and ensure maximum productivity.

Issue Tracking in Comindware Tracker
In the Cloud
& On-premise
and Integrations
Comindware in Cloud
Comindware Mobile Apps
Comindware Tracker API und Integration

Start quickly running the workflow automation software out of the Comindware’ secure Cloud - with low start-up costs and no installation and maintenance required.

Or get full control with the on-premise installation and lower your ongoing costs.

Comindware Tracker Workflow Software provides for higher productivity thru extended mobile support. The mobile user interface is highly intuitive and adaptive.

ios app icon

Ensure full data and process transparency leveraging open API’s.

Comindware Tracker API is based on the Web Services standard and allows for flexible integration with any kind of 3d party applications including CRM, ERP, Billing & Invoicing and other.


I would like to highlight simplicity and usability of the system, its ability to adapt to specific workflow processes taking place in our department. Currently we have a software system, fully customized according to our needs and requirements.

Ruslan Gutnikov, deputy head of IT and Communications Department at Gazpromavia

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Comindware Wins BIZZ 2013 World Business Leader Award Company recognized for Business Excellence, Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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It gives me peace of mind that I know my people are aware of what they need to do and when. Your customer service and care is fantastic.

Mark Calabro, 16 khz, Owner

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Comindware Tasks For Outlook enhances the ability of users to manage teams and automate tasks. Now, users can transform the well-known Outlook into much more than a personal information organizer and day-to-day task manager.

Jose Maria Delos Santos,

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Comindware Inc. was named the winner of the 2012 Graphie Awards in the Most Innovative Enterprise Graph Application category. The Graphies, hosted by Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, are the only awards that recognize individuals and teams who are developing the most innovative graph database applications.

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Workflow Management System

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Comindware Tracker® is an adaptive Workflow Management Software aimed at streamlining routine business processes, enabling better workflow coordination and making business operations agile. Comindware Tracker empowers companies with workflow software for efficient workflow automation and business process integration. This powerful yet easy for everyone workflow tool allows for replacement of unproductive e-mail – and spreadsheet-based process tracking with a highly automated workflow process management and optimization of the company’s daily routine work. For a quick and easy setup, Comindware Tracker – the workflow automation software – enables full availability of the related discussions and documents, flexible design of web forms and customization of reports, on-the-fly process updates, real-time reporting and intuitive User Interface. At the same time Comindware Tracker – as workflow management software – is designed to meet your highest operational demands leveraging the innovative and patented ElasticData technology. Comindware Tracker works optimally as a solution for IT, HR, Software Development, Sales and Marketing departments. The innovative Workflow Process Software – Comindware Tracker – is available in the Cloud and on-premise, on mobile platforms and is pre-integrated with MS Outlook and MS SharePoint platforms.

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