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Comindware Tracker - task management for MS Outlook
Comindware Tracker Solution for MS Outlook

Manage MS Outlook tasks and optimize business operations without leaving your familiar software environment.

MS Outlook Task Management Software - Comindware Tracker -provides intuitive workflow automation and task management as well as ensures extended collaboration and document management capabilities to MS Outlook users.

This solution is pre-built into Comindware Tracker


  • Task assignment and tracking
  • Control in real-time
  • Available on mobile platforms
Handle team tasks. Not just personal ones.

Comindware Tracker enables MS Outlook Task Management by as-signing tasks and managing priorities. Collaborate with your colleagues on and across your business operations. Achieve more in less time with MS Outlook Task Management.

Team tasks management in MS OutlookComindware
Organize business processes in MS OutlookComindware
Enable Workflow Automation. No e-mail overload.

Seamlessly add Workflow Automation capabilities to MS Outlook. Let your team stay productive without switching between applications.

Keep all of your work in one place

A unified and highly organized environment to handle MS Outlook tasks, processes, discussions, e-mail, calendar and much more!

Workflow App for MS OutlookComindware

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Outlook Task Management

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Comindware Tracker’s unique integration with MS Outlook enables users to make the most of MS Outlook, manage workflow processes directly within Outlook Task Management interface and complete MS Outlook tasks in professional environment. Other tools only provide MS Outlook email notifications, while Comindware Tracker® BPM Software lets you synchronize MS Outlook tasks and execute your business processes without leaving your familiar user interface, which leads to an efficient MS Outlook workflow coordination and business process improvement. Why asking your team to learn and interact with yet another system when they already know MS Outlook 2010 and are used to MS Outlook Workflow? Comindware Tracker provides Outlook Task Management Software with professional process management functionality.

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