Team Task Management

Team Task Management Software that provides a Unified Digital Workspace

Be that a small company or a business unit within an enterprise, your work will be centered around task management and execution. Tasks will be assigned to people and associated with documents and discussions. As a team lead or a manager of a business unit, you will need to issue, priorities and track tasks as well as make sure they are completed on time. Critical for your efficiency will be Team Task Management software with a unified digital workspace enabling:

  • Real-time view on the assigned tasks and statuses
  • Up-to-date view on team workload and performance
  • Centralized management of documents and data
  • Full social and work collaboration capabilities
  • Tasks assigned and executed in offline or dis-integrated systems
  • Lack of status visibility and control
  • Task and document tracking in multiple emails and messengers
  • Data and documents lost or difficult to access
  • Difficulty sharing knowledge and getting expertise

Comindware Team Task Management Solution

Comindware Team Task Management system allows for structuring and management of daily activities. Comindware web based Team Task Management software provides a unified Digital Workspace for team task management and enables seamless task tracking, data and document sharing as well as the real-time view on task priorities, resource availability and work completion progress. Pre-integrated social collaboration platform – a part of Comindware Task Management tool – provides a full set of social network capabilities required for daily communication in the digital workspace.

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  • Unify tasks, documents and people in a single system
  • Have your team execute timely and efficiently on priorities
  • Maximize visibility into team workload and increase resource utilization
  • Collaborate on and across team tasks

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Tell us about your business, request more information on Comindware solutions or ask a question.

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Streamline team collaboration with Comindware solution for group task management. Leveraging innovative Team Task management software capabilities you can organize scattered work with the help of project tracking capability so that everyone on the team knows what to do and when. Our Team Task Management tool makes it easy to access your data and processes from anywhere and anytime. Comindware Team Task Management Solution provides group task management and task tracking functionality, as well as resource management for project management in any industry including Marketing, Online Education and other. Along with creating and assigning tasks manually, let Comindware Task Management system automatically generate tasks with pre-defined due dates, priorities and status reports. Comindware Team Task Management solution also makes it possible to manage an unlimited hierarchy of sub-tasks, unlike traditional team task management apps. Comindware enables effective task management for teams and result-driven business task management. Comindware also provides project management software and business process management system.

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