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What is IT service management: tools, goals and benefits of software

IT service management

IT service management is an approach to organization and optimization of IT business, its services and products. It is aimed at meeting the needs and requirements of IT business by correlating people, tools and resources in an optimum way.

Unlike traditional business process management, IT service management places a customer in the center of servicing and recommends to practice a user-centered approach to providing services and offering IT products on the market. Previous solutions for IT service management were centered around IT services and technologies neglecting users needs and demands. Modern IT service management software helps to organize services, improve their quality and measure efficiency of services and ways of communication between users and customer support.

What is IT service management

Using IT service management tools you will be able to optimize:

  • IT services delivery
  • IT services and product support
  • Service delivery planning and implementation management
  • Application management
  • Infrastructure management
  • Data protection management
  • Service strategy and design
  • IT service and products continual improvement
  • and many other IT product and service aspects management

If you provide IT products and services to the market you can follow one of the existing models:

  • in-sourcing – using inner sources of the company to provide IT services and sell and support IT products
  • outsourcing – using the resources of another company or a team of developers to provide and support IT services and products
  • mixed model – a part of services is provided by a developer/business and another part (for example, customer support) is provided by a third party company.

IT service management is based on two principles. The first one is a service which is rendered as the main form of providing value from company to a user. The second one is that IT activity or business should be organized as a certain sequence of processes with certain goals, tasks, roles and duties.

IT service management software

IT service management software is essential solution for companies keeping IT department for optimum organization of its activity.

If your business does not keep an IT department, then we will give you reasons to think about it. Many consider an IT department as a part of the company drenching money from business budget, but not giving any profit to the company. Even if your business does not deal with developing, providing and supporting IT services and products, still you may benefit from keeping IT department in your company.

Service Desk

However each business uses IT technologies as emails, task management systems, business process management systems and other business applications. These systems require proper technical support and maintenance.

Small businesses may outsource IT support services, while large companies will benefit from keeping own IT departments. To keep your IT department running well you will need a powerful tool ensuring the best communication of users and developers. IT service management software is created for that sake.

What is IT service management

The software offers the key option any IT department needs to fulfill its duties – to provide high quality technical support and to ensure the best performance of IT products for users. Service Desk is a primary service within IT service management being a central point of contact. It means that Service Desk ensures proper processing of user applications and timely solutions for any issue appearing in user experience. There are different ways Service Desk can be realized. Among the most popular service desk types there are:

  • Call center – a software ensuring proper processing of incoming applications via phone. This type of accepting applications has its benefits and disadvantages. It is the easiest and the fastest way to communicate an issue for users. But from the other hand this is the most inconvenient way of applying to customer support.
  • Contact center is another type of service desk mixing various ways of applications as via phone, email, issue application form.
  • Help desk is one of the most popular types of service desk

What is IT service management: tools, goals and benefits of software

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