Document Tracking

Adaptive workflow made available in a document tracking software

Document Tracking is part of every business and almost every business process step – such as for example customer order management, service request management, contract management and many other.

Document Tracking software includes:

  • Document creation, modification and archiving
  • Document versioning
  • Document sharing
  • Reporting and searching capability

Document Tracking Challenges

  • Paper-based document management
  • Lack of centralized and unified document storage
  • Inability to trace changes or set a single point of truth
  • Difficulty locating and accessing documents

Comindware Document Tracking Solution

Comindware Document Tracking system enables centralized document management including document creation, modification, sharing, search and archiving. Additional capabilities include document related discussions, document versioning, flexible access right to enable document sharing outside the working teams, such as for example with partners or customers.

Comindware Document Tracking software also provides data management capabilities enabled though easily configurable web-forms, which allow to capture all kinds of data, store it, perform search and reporting as well as export it to MS Word and MS Excel formats.

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  • Unified data, workflow and document tracking system
  • Fully centralized document management including discussions and related task history
  • Intuitive and easily configurable interface

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Tell us about your business, request more information on Comindware solutions or ask a question.

Document tracking system

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Almost any business or administrative process including invoice preparation, contract review, customer offer composition etc., requires sophisticated document tracking. Workflow management system Comindware Tracker® provides powerful document tracking functionality and this way increases the overall team performance. With cloud workflow management software Comindware Tracker you can manage documents on the go, in Outlook and SharePoint familiar interfaces – that helps to harmonize the IT infrastructure and achieve seamless business process improvement. Comindware Tracker provides a complete set of solutions for a wide array of industries and business needs – including Software Development, Business Process Management, Online Education and e-Learning etc.

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