Lead to Cash

Run, Manage and Control Your Business Critical Processes in a Unified System

Lead to Cash is one of the most complex and business critical processes in every company. It spans Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Delivery, Finance, and Supply Chain departments with multiple supporting systems involved at different process stages.

Lead to Cash Solution provides management of processes and data required to support all stages and kinds of Lead to Cash business operations, including:

  • Assemble to Cash
  • Engineer to Cash
  • Lead to Order
  • Order to Cash
  • Multiple sources of truth across systems and functions
  • Lack of process visibility and control
  • Data duplication and confusing document versioning
  • Complex and sometimes manual processes along the value chain
  • Inability to assess efficiency or forecast activity results
Comindware Solution

Comindware Lead to Cash Solution allows for automation, management and optimization of complex interconnected business operations in a typical mid to large corporate environment. It provides Business and IT users with unlimited capabilities of designing, operating and optimizing highly changeable processes such as proposal, order and contract management.

Comindware Lead to Cash Solution ensures its effectiveness through bringing together Data, Process and Resource Management across all departments and providing a digital collaborative workspace for all employees.

Powerful and easy workflow management tool you were seeking. Risk-free trial!
  • Single source of truth enabled by unified digital workspaces
  • Quick and easy process configuration and capability to change it on the fly
  • Streamlined Data and Document management
  • Full process automation and efficiency control

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Powerful and easy workflow management tool you were seeking. Risk-free trial!

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