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BPMN – simpler business communication by means of signs and diagrams

BPMN – simpler business communication

BPMN is one of the greatest business solutions of the beginning of the 21st century. Since the businesses turned more complex and all encompassing, a critical need in proper business process control tools evolved. However, a proper management is not enough. Have you ever faced a situation of wrong interpretation of tasks in your business? The ambiguity of words and phrases cause misunderstanding. Some terms are clear and evident for analysts meanwhile they turn too complicated for comprehension for technicians. Then need of creation a simple structural language to make every stakeholder in your business to grasp the concepts of business processes and to understand each other better turned essential.

BPMN is the answer to the business demands. BPMN 2.0 is the latest version of the software enabling a user to depict any business process, planning, function, result or other aspect of business workflow with simple symbols and signs in a way of charts, flows, diagrams and graphics. BPMN diagram is the best way to make any process in your business understandable to every employee whether it is an analyst who will plan and develop the process further or a technician who will develop the software and create the environment for business process implementation.


Let us give a definition what the business process modeling notation is. It is a visualizing software providing graphical representation of all processes of your business. The software provides a powerful bpmn editor which can put any business process into a chart or a diagram. The program works only with concepts which refer to processing domain. The latest version of bpmn notation excludes the concepts of organization structure, breakdowns in functioning, data modeling.

The editor provides a user a set of symbols which are flow objects for representation of events, processes, activities and are depicted with geometrical figures as triangles, circles, rectangles, etc. Another unit of objects is connecting objects which are lines and arrows. These can be solid, dashed and dotted. The last unit of objects is siwmlanes. These are lines uniting the objects into groups.

BPMN 2.0

Bpm software is an intuitive environment for every business leader, analyst, technician or process manager. The software provides a chance to render the most complicated processes in simple schemes for understanding and comprehension. Besides such a method of data displaying minimizes the risks of mistakes and misunderstandings. The business process model and notation product was initially intended for internal use. Its prime aim was to make the communication between various departments of a business easier and simpler. However, the business process management notation software has become so popular that now it is used to make the B2B communication easier. The charts and diagrams are easy to read and understand, thus BPMN is often used to create easily comprehensible mocks for presentations. Using bpmn modeling you will be able to easier inform your investors or partners what is going on in your businesses, what you want to improve, what results are already achieved and what your next aims are.

business communication with BPMN

BPMN is a simple tool which does not require special learning. It is intuitive and comprehensible from the first sight. You can easily install it and create your first diagram in few minutes. Be sure that this diagram will be clear and comprehensible to every worker in your business. Today in the tough commercial competition the simplicity and ease of understanding of tasks management and results is essential. Let your business flow simpler and easier with one of the most effective tools on the business process management market. Be sure that every task and every process now will be grasped and understood from the first sight!

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BPMN – simpler business communication

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