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Non-coding workflow software for business process modelling and management, workflow automation and productivity boost. Minimize dependency on IT and empower non-technical users to design, run and modify processes with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Workflow Management Software
for every department

A wide variety of workflow management apps built on Comindware Tracker across all industries, departments, and workflow scenarios and brought transparency in businesses. Whether you need a simple linear workflow automation or require to manage interconnected business processes, Comindware Tracker delivers a full set of necessary features.

Key benefits of Comindware workflow software:

  • Quick workflow setup with no IT resource required
  • On-the-fly changes to workflows, forms, and data
  • Easy admission thanks to the Outlook-style interface
  • Unified document and data management
  • Advanced analytics and reporting for effective workflow management
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment - up to your choice

The workflow management system enables non-code addition and correction of workflows in the course of work. It ensures quick-win roll out and reduces expenses.

Trusted by Leaders

Our Clients' LogosOur Clients' LogosOur Clients' Logos

We highly appreciate our client’ trust and kind feedback, which helped us being named the Top Rated workflow management software at Trustradius.

Comindware enables as simple or complex workflow management solutions as you need.

Make your capital expenditure request and approval processes transparent and efficient within days, not weeks.

Centralize document management including discussions, related task history, automated document workflow management, and more.

Configure web forms and automate approval workflows for handling capital expenditure, and other approval processes.

Bring visibility into daily HR operations, automate HR workflows for employee onboarding, administrative assistance, and more.

Get customer-focused order processing and fulfillment workflows automated and running within hours.

Streamline IT workflows for IT support requests, access approvals, change management, and any other IT service processes.

Create different claim forms for various request types, automate claim processing workflows and gain higher visibility into claims handling.

Automate invoice, budget, accounts payable management and more financial processes and dramatically reduce operational expenses.

Your company has specific workflows or requests that go beyond the norm— you are not alone. Workflow software by Comindware was developed with flexibility in mind and adapts to your challenges and goals. Even more, Comindware workflow management software allows non-technical users to model, run and modify workflows in a snap.

Powerful and easy workflow automation tool you were seeking. Risk-free trial!

Key Workflow Software Features

Comindware Tracker comes with numerous workflow management capabilities and tools which make it more than just workflow software:

Using Comindware Tracker, all business process stakeholders can collaborate on tasks flow effectively and team members are able to discuss all the details in one single system, and thus, stay always productive. Get advantage of a single click or automatic workflow initiation, monitor progress, handle approvals, input requests, clarifications, and hand backs from your phone, tablet or desktop.

Workflow Builder by Comindware

Graphical Workflow Builder

Design and roll out workflows quickly in a visual workflow builder.

  • Codeless workflow creation on a web canvas
  • Workflow modelling and automation in a single environment
  • Quick workflow setup via Excel-like formulas and business rules as well as drag-and-drop workflow editor
  • Flexible business rules to set custom conditions for task, approvals and task closures
  • Any number of process steps, both as sequential and parallel

User-friendly Workflow Builder can be easily set up and maintained by business users. Workflows are categorically divided into separate workspaces. It allows you to create workflows for each department in your company and keep them connected in a seamless manner.

Web-forms Designer by ComindwareComindware

Electronic Forms Design

Easily design and configure web forms and dramatically simplify data entry. The graphical UI allows adding specific data fields and layouts with drag-and-drop simplicity.

  • 100% web environment for form design
  • Configurable tabs and data fields
  • Accurate data collection
  • Data export to MS Word and MS Excel
  • On-the-fly changes to forms

Online form designer by Comindware is designed for making great-looking and functional web forms with no need to rely on the IT-department. Customized web forms for workflow are must-have for gathering information from users during workflow execution, e.g. for approval, order or change request. Eliminate manual data entry and error-prone processes and enjoy accurate data collection and reliable process execution.

Workflow Automation ToolComindware

Workflow Automation

Have a powerful, automated workflow up and running within days, not months, thanks to a full set of non-code workflow automation features:

  • A single ecosystem for workflow design, automation and execution
  • Transition and validation rules for automated workflows
  • Time- and condition-based notifications, assignment rules
  • Automatic modification of form fields depending on the workflow step or form data

Cloud-based Workflow Automation tool is designed to increase workflow speed, transparency and team productivity by unifying tasks, resources, documents and people in a single environment. There’s no hidden limitations and charges — you can create and automate as many workflows as needed.

Ready to get started?

Get advantage of on-the-fly changes to request-forms and automated CapEx approval workflows:

  • Join 10k+ companies which succeeded with workflow automation
  • Enjoy 70+ Comindware Tracker features
  • Innovate with 10+ patented technologies

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What users say

«Comindware's flexibility is outstanding. It can adapt to custom requirements and processes, and enables us to automate and manage our work more efficiently. And that's exactly what we were expecting from workflow software.»

Megs Suratkal,
Senior Director, Acronis Service and Support

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What users say

«I would like to highlight simplicity and usability of the workflow system, its ability to adapt to specific workflow processes taking place in our department. Currently we have a software system, fully customized according to our needs and requirements.»

Ruslan Gutnikov,
deputy head of IT and Communications Department at Gazpromavia

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What users say

«Following implementation of Comindware Solution, the Company has reached a significantly higher level of business process efficiency. We now have a fully functional and scalable solution that meets all our needs.»

Vitaly Silantiev,
Project Manager

Combine Workflow and Tasks ManagementComindware

Combine Processes and Tasks Management

Comindware workflow management software goes beyond the scope of traditional task management and supports both process and task management:

  • Process management is supported with additional data such as task duration, expenses, and more
  • Unified task management across workflow tasks and non-process user task lists
  • Approvals, reviews and acceptance capabilities are enabled within business processes
  • Digital workspace facilitate access to all tasks, the associated data, documents and discussions within the users’ workspace

Unified task and process management provides a unique capability of receiving, tracing and handling team tasks regardless of their origin – be that within a process or a stand-alone assignment.

Collaborate on workflow tasks right from OutlookComindware

Outlook Workflow Tool

Work on workflow tasks and collaborate with your team right from your Outlook.

  • Synchronization between Outlook and workflow management software lists of tasks
  • Processes behind Outlook workflow tasks in progress\deferred status with play\pause buttons
  • Collaborative thread
  • Files versioning, hierarchy of tasks and subtasks

Combining your email and workflow apps into Outlook workflow tool. This powerful solution allows employees conveniently manage their workload from their email and makes it easy to track and report on requests and approvals. Furthermore, workflow management software by Comindware is cloud-based. It allows you to manage your tasks and workflows on the go, collaborate with your team and much more from multiple devices anywhere.

Real-time workflow trackingComindware

Workflow Tracking and Reporting

Place Excel spreadsheets on the retired list and get full visibility and real-time control over the progress of any item. Enjoy both execution and control of group task flows within a single web-based workflow tracking tool.

  • Business analytics
  • Tailor-made dashboards
  • Notifications and reporting
  • Support for mobile platforms: execute your workflows on-the-go

Workflow software by Comindware provides transparency of task flows thanks to extended reporting and notifications, workflow analysis, and coordination features. It’s never been easier to achieve full control of daily activities and workflow management.

Collaboration tools for effective workflow managementComindware

Team Collaboration

Improve your team efficiency and performance thanks to a single work environment for employees, automated processes, and knowledge. Comindware Tracker is designed to reduce chaos and be a single source of truth a team can rely on during automated workflow execution.

  • Searchable group discussions
  • Document and knowledge sharing in work context
  • Intelligent task routing and notifications
  • OOB integration with Outlook, SharePoint and Active Directory

The Comindware workflow system provides a full set of collaboration tools — from information exchange to workarounds, from workflow management to easier task tracking. Maximize the benefits of social networking, minus the risks and distractions or traditional social media platforms.

Workflow Engine by ComindwareComindware

Workflow Engine

Set the business rules used to guide the path of the workflow and modify them on-the-fly. Comindware Tracker automatically orchestrates tasks, ensures proper workflow execution and timely workflow goal completion. a reliable driving force in every automated workflow.

  • Execution and control of group task flows
  • Business rules enabling mandatory info capture and enhanced exceptions handling
  • Workflow tools and execution parameters including ‘by time’, ‘by trigger’ and others can be set in the user interface

Сomprehensive workflow engine together with ongoing maintenance service and system upgrades is a solution of choice for businesses that expect to change business rules and modify workflows time and again.

Integration of workflow software with enterprise appsComindware

Integration with Other Enterprise Apps

Our workflow management software enables integration with enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, Document Management portals and other:

  • Integrations of any scope and complexity are provided leveraging the fully open Web API’s
  • Bidirectional event and data exchange is supported through the Enterprise Service Bus
  • Unified security and administration across the entire applications portfolio

Comindware Tracker provides advanced integration capabilities to coordinate data exchange between disparate applications and build an entire enterprise environment.

Powerful and easy workflow management tool to streamline daily tasks. Risk-free trial!

Workflow optimization with no codingComindware

Continual Growth and Optimization

Comindware Tracker enables business users to elimitale hassle within workflows, dramatically reduce workflow completion costs and time, provide better services and without undue dependence on IT. Workflow software by Comindware enables seamless addition and change of data and processes with no interruption to your business operations:

  • Quick-win implementation and low maintenance expenses thanks to non-code addition and modification of processes
  • Possibility to start with simple tasks and grow incrementally with comprehensive business process management
  • “On the fly” changes thanks to the meta-data driven approach
  • Business analytics, configurable dashboards and reporting that ensures timely decision making

Comindware Tracker makes BPM benefits fully available for power users with no coding skills.

UI for workflow managementComindware

Tailorable User Experience

Workflow management system by Comindware is built to tailor the needed functionality specifically to user needs:

  • Drag & drop configuration of the user interface allows for easy configuration of any part of the application
  • Fully customizable Comindware records and work automation schemas allow to extend the application with new functional modules
  • Highly intuitive design and navigation ensure easy processes adoption and reduce training effort

The options listed above ensure Comindware Tracker’s extreme ease-of-use and quick adoption of effective workflow management in your company. Enjoy the ability to drag-and-drop elements into the workflow app to customize the interface and make a web-based working environment even more convenient.

Workflow Management Software by ComindwareComindware

Maximum Productivity

Business Process Management solution by Comindware enhances individual and corporate productivity:

  • Digital Workspace facilitate access to all tasks, data and communications for team members
  • Customer and partner self-service portal enables external users to with real-time access to business data and experts
  • Unified task management and intelligent skill-based routing ensure minimization of task drop-out’s and work delays
  • Social collaboration environment provides traceable conversations, actionable discussions and configurable notifications
  • No-code configuration of UI is provided to create workspaces tailored specifically to user needs

Powerful and easy workflow management software you were seeking. Risk-free trial!

People also ask

What is a workflow management software?

First of all, it is worthwhile to define what is ‘workflow’. Briefly speaking, it is the recurrent flow of the steps or tasks that should be completed to achieve a specific result on a regular basis. A workflow includes tasks, documents and information, which are passed to a proper workflow participant for action in a sequence.

Workflow management software coordinates workflow participants and tasks flow in order to:

  • Streamline overall work processes
  • Ensure the work is properly completed
  • Enable reliable workflow monitoring
  • Automate tasks
  • Allow for convenient team collaboration

Comindware Tracker has all features you’d expect from workflow management software and weans employees off shuffling between Excel spreadsheets and emails threads to handle requests and manage internal processes. Businesses across the globe, from small to big, choose Comindware Tracker to capture and handle requests or issues, get work automatically assigned, and keep track of team activity and program of work.

How do I create a workflow application?

First of all, it is worthwhile to define what is a ‘workflow app’. Briefly speaking, it is a software application that includes a workflow scheme, users who work with the workflow tasks, configuration of task appearance. Advanced workflow software, like Comindware Tracker, allows users to configure e-​mail notifications to be sent when particular events occur and notification recipients, configure security and data export settings. Even more, you can create a workflow application, design a workflow scheme and workflow task appearance, configure notifications and more with drag-and-drop simplicity, without coding.

What is a document workflow?

A “document workflow” is a workflow app used to create, track, edit, store and manage documents associated with a business process, such as purchase order handling, expense report approval, policy change management and etc. In addition to basic document workflow capabilities, workflow software by Comindware allows using document templates, automatic document matching and verification, setting up automatic notifications to the appropriate person when a document is approved, and more.

What kinds of workflow apps do people usually set up?

A wide variety of workflow apps, both simple and complex ones, are built on Comindware Tracker across all industries and departments. Every customer has specific requirements and no workflow apps are the same. Meanwhile, the most common workflow app types are:

  • CapEx approval
  • Leave request
  • Contract approval
  • Claims management
  • Purchase order
  • Vendor/ customer registration
  • Sales invoice

What is the best workflow software?

When choosing the right workflow software for your company, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Make sure that the workflow software you consider can be easily designed from the ground up to meet your employees where they’re already at and accommodate the proven work practices when applying new, more effective ones. Check if the workflow software is both intuitive and functional, test-drive the software and consider diving into a pilot project before committing to it.

Can I modify a workflow app after it has been deployed?

Yes, of course. Comindware Tracker enables non-code modification of workflows and forms in the course of work, by efforts of in-house non-technical users. Even more, the Comindware team provides complete support for the full workflow app life cycle.

What’s new in Comindware Tracker?

Below is a summary of the recent Comindware Tracker improvements.

August, 20201.15.366Simplified access to the workflow software from anywhere thanks to single sign-on, reduced sign-in friction, etc.
August, 20181.15.271Optimized web-forms loading, more flexible access permissions and more.
February, 20181.15.209Improved overall workflow system performance.

In order to check the full history with more details, please, visit What's new page.

How do I book a demo?

If you want to see the full capabilities of Comindware Tracker you can request a demonstration at the Contact us page. Please, describe your specific use case in the demo request and our expert will customize the demonstration for you.

In Cloud & On-premise
Comindware in Cloud
In Cloud & On-premise

Comindware® provides both on-premise and in Cloud deployment options. Besides, flexible transition between cloud-based workflow solution and on-premise one can be rolled out if needed.

Learn more

API and Integrations
API and Integrations
API and Integrations

Comindware provides wide workflow integration capabilities.Take advantage of bidirectional integration scenarios, s support for both fine grained, and bulk export operations – all available through Web Services open API’s and built-in enterprise services.

Learn more

Comindware Mobile Apps

Run your workflow seamlessly on your desktop computer, iOS and Android phone or tablet and enjoy fully consistent user experience.

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