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Your company is growing bigger and it’s harder to control a wide range of critical processes because they involve cross-departmental effort to be applied. With company growth, sooner or later you’re going to have to control those processes with the help of business automation, because you can’t simply write an email or call to find out what’s going on with a certain project. First of all it’s hard to figure out whom to call. The company is big now and if you used to know everyone, when there were about a dozen people, now you simply can’t know everybody.


Have you ever wondered how these giant international corporations purchase all the stuff they need for daily operations? Like pens, paper, printers, materials, computers and coffee…Do they hire one of those Hekatonkheires, (otherwise known in Greek mythology as the “Hundred-Handed Ones”. Or do they have a tribe of little gnomes responsible for that? Or maybe they have bought the latest 3D-printer, capable of creating all this stuff? And, although I like to use my imagination sometimes, if they do neither of them, what do they do? In real life, every company has a special department, which ensures that the company does not stop its daily operations because of lack of resources.


Comprehensive and professional project management directly from your Outlook

Here, in Comindware we always listen to our customers’ suggestions and improve our products accordingly to closer meet your needs. Since we presented our first products – Comindware Tracker, Comindware Task Management and Comindware Tasks for Outlook, we have received a lot of feedback and have released many updates. Thanks to our great development team, many important features were added to the products and our users now enjoy working in a comfortable Comindware environment. Today I’m going to focus on the completely new version of Comindware Tasks for


Let’s admit it: at some moment, we have to to put effort in learning BPMN to manage business processes. At the same time, this kind of business notation is rather heavy and complicated and, first of all, you need to learn how to use it, which already takes time. In case you want to delegate the task of describing, improving and automating your business processes and hire a process management professional for that, it turns out to be costly.


When it comes to the implementation of workflow management software, the concept of delegating the choice to the employees seems to be quite reasonable. Why would a c-level manager chоose work management software themselves? Work management software will be used by the employees for their daily routine. The c-level manager only needs visibility and good reporting capabilities from this software, while the choice of the operational features should be done by those who are going to operate with the help of the new workflow system.


Online work collaboration has a lot in common with what we have already got used to when collaborating online for personal purposes: comments like on Facebook, file sharing like with DropBox or Google Docs. Yet it doesn’t matter if collaboration is online or offline, the key difference of work collaboration is that it should be aimed at delivering results. That’s what gives birth to online collaboration efficiency and productivity techniques.


So you have emails, calendar and contacts in Outlook. These basic tools are good, yet when it comes to managing whole processes or projects, they are nowhere near enough. And they are not enough because you are not managing simple personal tasks: you need to manage processes. And you need to manage them on the whole directly in your Outlook without the pitiful need of switching between different tools.


Ok, so you have a super-critical process which is important for all of your clients. You can stress out about it and keep it all in your mind, in your email, post it all over your desk and walls, even put notes on the palm of your hand – and you can still miss something. The first thing you’re going to miss is control over your process, over what your team is doing, which task has what status. You’ll never see it clearly with ordinary tools, unless you carefully fill out a relevant Excel file, for example. And this, unfortunately, takes time. And we all need more than 24 hours in a day to finish all tasks.


When you want to set up a business process really quickly, you need a solution that will be specially designed for that, as is the case with Comindware Tracker, for example. This is a really simple solution: when it comes to creating a complete process management infrastructure for your company. Comindware Tracker opens in your browser window. If you chose the Cloud version, then your Comindware Tracker is ready to work with. It suffices to register here.

Please note that in this case your Cloud version of Comindware Tracker will be free for you for next 30 days. Data can be easily exported from the solution into Excel and Word, so even when you start working with the solution, you are not restricted in any way.


Whether your company provides services or manufactures goods, it still needs to communicate with other companies. This is two-way communication – you sell something and you buy something. In today’s topic, let’s leave aside the process of selling your goods and services to the customers and focus on the purchases by your company. And, as always, I’m going to review the invoice approval workflow using a real-life example.


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