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Most companies have an approval process that must be undertaken before new projects or processes can be developed or unveiled. This is to help ensure that all projects follow the appropriate process and that all aspects are approved by the appropriate parties before they begin.


One key part of employee dissatisfaction is using old techniques that waste time and money, leaving more work for employees than is necessary to deal with a given process. This is still often especially true when it comes to leave management.

Leave management simply refers to the management of employee leave, whether it is sick leave, vacation time, or some other form of leave. Outmoded tools mean this process takes way more time and effort than is necessary, especially when there are so many great automation tools that take all the frustration and guesswork out of the process.


To get ahead and achieve success in the world of business today, one has to be willing to innovate, try new things, and remain flexible with the ever-changing times. There is a lot of impetus to reduce costs and increase efficiency and that tends to be the focus of many successful and growing businesses. Learning how to get the results you want, while improving efficiency, lowering costs, and increasing transparency might seem like a far too daunting goal, but it is not.

This article reviews the essentials on how to delegate tasks and manage a small team.

Consider this scenario:

You’re spearheading a research and development project. A problem crops up, and the client wants the cause investigated. You tell her she’ll get the details in the next monthly meeting. Because your plate is already brimming, you assign the task to a team member. The next meeting comes, and the client asks for the details you promised. Sitting next to you, quite visibly shaken and all color drained from his face, is the person you assigned the task to.

Even without uttering a single word, you know that the task hasn’t been carried out, but, in your mind, the more pressing question is: How could you possibly have forgotten about this very important task?


Streamlining and improving the efficiency of business operations is, perhaps, one of the most important tasks of management today. There is always room for improvement when it comes to the basic daily operations of a business and workflow and other automation software make this easier than ever before.


The accounts receivable department at any organization is responsible for some of the most important business functions: they manage the money that comes into a business or institution. Given the importance of this department within most organizations, it is strange to find out that this department is often lacking when it comes to using innovative new tools like automation.


The means by which organizations do their business has seen great evolution compared to a long time ago. Over time, newer and better techniques have come to be needed in order to cope with newer business demands.


The goal of approval management software is to replace approval processes with workflow automation. Do you have a complex approval process? Do you require more insight into the approval process? Is your approval process effective, but slow (i.e. missing deadlines)? If you answered yes to any of these, you could likely benefit from automating your approval processes. (more…)

With the rise of a company, its internal bureaucracy also grows stronger and bigger. When you work in a company of 3 people, you can simply tap Bruce Murdock (your manager) on the shoulder and ask him – “Could you sign up this contract”? But when Bruce has more than a thousand employees and each one taps him on the shoulder, we believe that Bruce’s business would get stuck. So, Bruce organizes his people in teams and departments, which is a normal process, and sets collaboration policies in order to make sure that they manage contract lifecycle effectively.


Basically, document control software is the handling of documents in which the information is generated, shared, structured and stored properly. The software solution enhances the productivity of your business by streamlining its ability to manage files digitally. It centralizes electronic document location to ensure that finding information is easy saving time and your company’s important operations. (more…)

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