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A project manager may be easily compared to an actor playing several roles in a same performance. He or she is a planner, a decision maker, a coordinator, and an auditor within the same project. So when all that roles are played right, a project meets deadlines and a team is effective. But when a project fails, is it a PM’s fault or a long list of problems and misfortunes? It’s better to have an unbiased answer.


If you use your smartphone to chat with family and friends, chances are you already have a chat app such as WhatsApp downloaded on your phone. If you’re the type who enjoys sharing files and documents with colleagues, you probably find Dropbox extremely helpful.


When your hard drive nears its capacity limit, computer processing slows down, or worse, functionality ceases to exist. An overloaded car, even when well-maintained, becomes a potential safety hazard, consumes more gas, brakes slower and have more chances of breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

The above examples have a common denominator: the need to unload stuff to become more functional, faster, safer and more efficient.


Business process management System, or BPMS, can be an intimidating concept. That’s understandable, considering the many explanations out there that are riddled with jargons most people don’t have the time or patience to dig deep into.

This article aims to explain in simple language the fundamentals of BPM.


Despite the proliferation of team-based software and other tools to facilitate interdepartmental functions, a lot of businesses are still tackling their operations the traditional way – traditional, in this sense, meaning standalone business management solutions for every business function (HR, Finance, IT Helpdesk, Software Development, Sales and Marketing, and the like). While this business approach has its merits, there are also a lot of setbacks, oftentimes trumping the advantages.


Almost everyone who works with emails on a daily basis and uses their email client as the main instrument for tracking their work, knows about the “Follow Up” feature. I have used this feature for several years in Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird (via extension). This actually helped me improve my productivity – I have started following up important letters, which required action from me or my counterparts. And, as a result, I had a better, clearer overview of my daily & weekly tasks and never forgot about promises I gave.


Agile is a methodology of how to deliver a product that was born in the IT industry. While business software is delivered as well by the same industry, it might be useful to take a closer look at one of the iconic software development methodologies. This could help when it comes to using business software for any industry.


When you start your business process design, you should be aware of one common mistake. It is process complication, or, at the other side – process simplification. Every business process must be organized to achieve as many benefits, as possible. And, at the same time, to spend minimum resources. That’s the key feature of successful business.


Let’s take any BPM tool on the market: once you set up a process in it and you start using the solution, and the process, any changes brought to the process will turn out to be costly due to programming issues and system requirements. So your real life business process has to follow what’s been set up once inside the system.


Your work information is interconnected and can be used by all departments when you use Comindware Tracker. All data is available across the application, including files, reports, invoices, requests, lists of objects, client cards and anything else you might need for your personal and collaborative team work.

When it comes to automation, quite often different departments use different systems for their specific work. This way, when, for example, sales use SalesForce, marketing uses Marketo, accountants use Workday , HR uses HRtribe – whenever they need to do any kind of common project, they don’t have visibility into each other’s data. They start to solve the problem with the help of Excel files and emails which compromises the very idea of automated systems use. Whenever integration of the systems is in question, it is a timely and costly solution.


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