Self Service Portal

Customer Self Service Portal

Managed Services require increased visibility into daily IT operations and additional focus on service quality and customer satisfaction. Self service portals are the best way to achieve that without spending extra IT effort.

Comindware Self Service Portal – as part of the overall ITSM offering – allows to streamline IT operations and deliver the required level of control over business critical IT Service Management processes to both customer and internal IT teams.

Comindware Customer Self Service Portal functionality ensures real-time view on all open requests, pending orders, customer facing services and their SLA’s – this way serving as the central and unified interface between the Customer and the MSP’s IT team.

Comindware Self Service Portal can also be used for internal IT process management purposes enabling IT and non-IT employees to get access to IT services such as the knowledgebase, service request management, ordering and other.

  • Increased focus on service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Centralized interface for handling of all service requests, orders and communication history
  • Quick and easy access to the IT supporting teams and the Knowledge Base

Self Service Portal Features

Service Catalog in self service portal
Service Catalog

Comindware Service Catalog provides a unified and centralized view on all customer facing services and is used for Ordering & Fulfillment, customer Billing, Service Request Management and other ITIL functions made available through the Self Service Portal.

Service Lists in self service portal
Service Lists

Comindware Self Service Portal provides filtered views on services based on their availability to the particular customer or user group.

Request Lists in self service portal
Request Lists

Comindware Self Service Portal enables registering of service requests as well as grouping them by urgency, priority, due date, assigned team and other criteria – including custom ones.

Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base

Comindware Knowledge Base function of the IT Self Service Portal enables storing and sharing of IT best practices and standard solutions as well as known problems and workarounds for customer and internal IT teams.

Social Collaboration
Social Collaboration

Thanks to the enhanced social collaboration capabilities, Comindware IT Self Service Portal also serves as the unified communication environment with full history tracking, people and topic search as well as the “Like/Dislike” feedback gathering.

Dashboards, Reporting and Notifications
Dashboards, Reporting and Notifications

Comindware IT Self Service Portal provides graphical dashboards and fully configurable reports and notifications to ensure real-time view on the ongoing IT operations.

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