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A web services-based API makes it easy to integrate Comindware Tracker with any third party service. Whether it’s CRM, ERP, IT help desk or any other system, you can easily exchange data between different applications and Comindware Tracker. Sample integrations are available for your convenience.

CRM sample integration

Synchronize lists of leads between Comindware Tracker and the Salesforce system so you can seamlessly add process management and workflow automation capabilities into your SFDC CRM environment.

Survey sample integration

Automatically trigger a custom survey in such systems as SurveyGizmo whenever a process requires this step. Once the survey is completed, the results are immediately transferred back to appropriate business processes in the Comindware Tracker system.

Microsoft Active Directory integration

Integrate Comindware Tracker with your Microsoft Active Directory so you can instantly import users contact data. Along with that, you can login in the system faster using Comindware Single Sign-on (SSO).

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CRM, ERP integration

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Stay in sync across systems by integrating mission-critical 3rd party applications and data stores with Comindware workflow management software. Make the most of a familiar way of doing things, and provide uniform logon and data analysis processes. Start with Comindware’s sample CRM integration (e.g. Salesforce) so you don’t have to start from scratch when you integrate 3rd party software using the Comindware API. Comindware makes it simple to automate new user account creation and ensure synchronization across systems thanks to easy CRM, ERP integration.

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