Define, execute and optimize work
in a unified environment

Robust Workflow Automation
to streamline your routine processes
and make your business truly agile


Collaboration and Project Management software for easier planning and more efficient execution

Team Network

Pre-integrated unified environment for team collaboration and communication on and across projects and processes

Max Tsypliaev - CEO in Comindware

“The fact is that due to our products the companies are able to increase their productivity and work efficiency up to 50%, inadvertently leading to a rise in our clients' profits.”

Max Tsypliaev, Founder. President and CEO of Comindware.
GetApp, May 2014

Why Comindware?

Comindware® is a fast-growing, global software company delivering innovative Work Management solutions that enable businesses to manage their operations with higher performance and efficiency.

Comindware Mission is to bring together co-dependent pieces of work – such as Tasks, Projects, and Processes – and enable team communication in context of professional activities thru a unified pre-integrated enterprise grade collaboration environment.

Leveraging the cutting-edge single platform based architectural design and the patented and award-winning Elastic Data technology, Comindware Business Management software provides all the power of professional Work Management suites while ensuring maximum configurability and ease of use.

Comindware News

November 17, 2014 – Comindware presents its revolutionary solutions for Higher Education at the 20th Annual Online Learning Consortium International Conference

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Comindware Work Management Software provides innovative solutions for task, project and process management of mid to large organizations. Comindware Tracker® product provides traditional BPM tool and Team Task Management software capabilities that enable team task management and allow to graphically build process workflows with no programming required. Comindware Tracker Workflow Management software ensures optimization of business operations and improves team productivity. Comindware Project™ is an innovative Project Management software providing easy planning for Project Managers and more efficient execution for team members. All Comindware Solutions are based on the revolutionary Team Collaboration software – Comindware Team Network™ – that provides for close team communication in context of projects and processes. Comindware Business Management Software ensures real-time visibility and full control over ongoing projects and processes. It allows to better organize work scattered across different applications and serves as the unified and cross department Work Management Software.

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