Comindware Project

Comindware Project goes beyond traditional project planning by bringing professional execution and team collaboration capabilities into a single environment.

Gain unparalleled team productivity and project predictability with graphical WBS, Automated Priority-based Planning, and Predictive Real-Time Gantt Chart.

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Comindware Project

Comindware Project
Comindware Team Network

Team Network

Designed with and for Comindware Project, Comindware
Team Network is the industry first enterprise social tool that dramatically changes your project management experience.

Seamlessly increase employee engagement by allowing teams to collaborate in the context of their work.

Shipped free with Comindware Project.

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Comindware Tracker

Build Business Processes with drag-and-drop simplicity and adapt to any changes with no coding required.

Visually design and run departmental Business Applications to manage requests, approvals, and workflows.

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Comindware Tracker

What is Comindware?

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Take control of work scattered across different applications and reduce time wasted on endless status meetings. With Comindware, you can optimize work management and track what’s going on in your business area — with just a few clicks. Combine a sequence of tasks into a business process and graphically build a workflow for that process — with no programming required. In-built project management capabilities let you collaborate via centralized discussions and file sharing. Take a full control of your business processes using flexible notifications and reporting features. Easily manage a variety of business activities, including change requests, IT help desk tickets, vacations, invoices, sales and marketing proposals, and software bugs.

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