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An Innovative Adaptive Business Process and Workflow Management Solution

Comindware Tracker delivers all the power of traditional BPMs solutions while ensuring much easier system setup and application flexibility and configurability.

Cominmdware Tracker is seamlessly pre-integrated with MS Outlook and MS SharePoint as well as is available both in Cloud and on-premise deployment. Full support for mobile platforms – iPhone, Android and iPad – is enabled.

  • Design workflows and business applications with drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Update processes on the fly with no redeployment required
  • Manage your business processes from MS Outlook and MS SharePoint without leaving your familiar environment

Make business processes work

Implement fast and with ease

Build processes and business apps with drag-and-drop simplicity and no coding involved. Kick processes off instantly right after setup

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Control in real-time

Gain real-time visibility and control over all your processes, including unplanned ones

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Adapt to any changes

Get maximum flexibility in adapting to unpredictable business processes or modifying existing ones. No redeployment required

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Collaborate with your team

Discuss projects, collaborate on tasks, share files and documents - all in a single place

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Design and run business applications

Run Ready-to-use Business Applications

Manage your departmental requests, approvals, and workflows with pre-built business applications for IT, F&A, HR, C&P, Software Development, Sales, Marketing, Education

Design Custom Apps

Address your specific needs by visually creating your custom apps in minutes – no programming required

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More features to explore

Process Management in Outlook

Don’t switch from your most common environment. Stay productive. Comindware Tracker enables you to run your processes and business applications directly in MS Outlook.

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Business Process Management software
Cutting-edge Workflow Automation

Facilitate process execution through a sequence of automatically generated tasks, pre-defined workflow transitions, and validation rules.

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API and Integrations

Enhance any system you are already using with Comindware Tracker benefits. Comindware Tracker API is based on a common Web Services standard and is easy to understand and use.

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Top-notch Security

Ensure maximum security with powerful settings, backups, and scalability.

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In the Cloud and On-premise

Run Comindware Tracker on-premise with full control and low ongoing costs, or in the Cloud with low start-up costs and no installations and maintenance required.

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GUI and User Experience

Ramp up your productivity as Comindware comes with a familiar MS Outlook style interface accessible through any desktop browser and any device.

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Using Work Management Software to Automate Workflows and Boost Collaboration

Breakthrough Workflow Management and Issue Tracking

Comindware® ElasticData Technology

Power your Outlook up with Comindware Tracker in Outlook

Get your Finance and Administration processes under control

Maximize your SharePoint
Investment with Comindware Tracker

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The alarming state of traditional BPMS
Discover a new approach to managing business processes:
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  • greater flexibility
  • minimum costs involved
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Workflow Management Software

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