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Robust Workflow Management Software to streamline routine processes and make your business truly agile

Comindware Tracker enables companies to seamlessly connect people, data and daily processes with a cloud-based Workflow Tool and to streamline routine business operations.

Our Workflow Management software facilitates efficient cross-company performance keeping all the work in a single highly organized environment and ensuring full availability of the related discussions and documents.

Powered by our patented ElasticData technology, Comindware Tracker is designed to meet your highest operational demands: robust workflow process modeling coupled with flexible web forms and reports, on-the-fly process updates and real-time visibility regardless of the volume and complexity of the daily operations.

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  • Replace unproductive e-mail- and spreadsheet-based process tracking with highly automated workflow applications
  • Optimize and scale your daily routine work
  • Gain real-time visibility and eliminate process bottlenecks
  • Increase your team productivity and boost collaboration
Powerful yet easy to everyone

Build your Workflow Apps with drag-and-drop simplicity and no coding or IT involved – all in a highly familiar environment.

Kick your processes off instantly right after the set-up.

Discover enhanced user experience

Workflow Process in Comindware Tracker
Get started
fast and easily
Ensure instant adaptation to a dynamic business environment

Get maximum flexibility in adapting to changing business requirements on-the-fly in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to our ElasticData technology no coding and redeployment is required.

Save time with Comindware Tracker
Adapt to business
changes on-the-fly
Know real-time status and eliminate bottlenecks

Gain real-time visibility and control over all your processes and identify bottlenecks.

Make timely management decisions to keep your work flow.

More about reporting capabilities

Workflow Performance in real time
Enable real-time visibility
Boost team collaboration and engagement

Discuss and collaborate on tasks, track documents and share knowledge – get your team engaged in your daily processes and ensure maximum productivity.

All in a single highly organized environment.

Collaboration in Comindware Tracker
Get done more
in less time
Be confident in your data accuracy and safety

Comindware Tracker ensures maximum security with powerful security settings, backups, and scalability.

More about security

Security in Comindware Tracker
and trusted
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Comindware Tracker Solutions
Pre-built departmental Business Apps for a quick and easy start

Optimize your routine work in any or all departments of your company with Comindware Tracker.

Our Workflow Management software comes with pre-built Business Applications for IT, F&A, HR, C&P, Software Development, Sales, Marketing, and Education – to enable a quick and easy start.

Address your specific needs by visually creating your custom business apps in a matter of minutes – no programming required

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Business Apps
Increase your productivity and customer loyalty

Government work relies heavily on streamlined processes and timely document approvals.

Dramatically improve your performance and customer satisfaction with a powerful and scalable request and document tracking solution designed just for your daily needs

Document Management with Comindware Tracker
Government Processes
and Document Tracking
Power of traditional BPMS with an unmatched ease of use

Comindware Tracker delivers all the power of traditional BPM software while ensuring much easier system setup and application flexibility and configurability

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Workflow Software - Comindware Tracker
BPM Software
Effective for both workflow processes and individual task management

Get your daily work optimized with Comindware Tracker.

Our Workflow Process software is equally effective for both individual tasks and group processes ensuring no activities go off track

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team task management with Comindware Tracker
Workflow Software for Outlook

Don’t switch from your most common environment. Stay productive and minimise time required for new software adoption.

Comindware Tracker’ patented ElasticData technology enables you to work directly in MS Outlook.

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Workflow Management Software for MS Outlook
for Outlook
Workflow Apps for SharePoint

Protect your SharePoint investments empowering your corporate platform with an easy Workflow Automation Solution – that requires no coding or IT involved to create and run your workflow-based applications.

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Comindware Tracker for MS Sharepiont
for SharePoint
In the Cloud
& On-premise
and Integrations
Comindware in Cloud
Comindware Mobile Apps
Comindware Tracker API und Integration

Start quickly running the workflow automation software out of the Comindware’ secure Cloud - with low start-up costs and no installation and maintenance required.

Or get full control with the on-premise installation and lower your ongoing costs.

Comindware Tracker ensures real-time productivity of mobile employees with native mobile apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets that deliver the same great user experience.

Enhance any system you are already using with powerful workflow management capabilities.

Comindware Tracker API is based on a common Web Services standard and is easy to understand and use.

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GazpromAvia Logo

I would like to highlight simplicity and usability of the system, its ability to adapt to specific workflow processes taking place in our department. Currently we have a software system, fully customized according to our needs and requirements.

Ruslan Gutnikov, deputy head of IT and Communications Department at Gazpromavia

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Comindware Wins BIZZ 2013 World Business Leader Award Company recognized for Business Excellence, Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility.

16khz Logo

It gives me peace of mind that I know my people are aware of what they need to do and when. Your customer service and care is fantastic.

Mark Calabro, 16 khz, Owner logo

Comindware Tasks For Outlook enhances the ability of users to manage teams and automate tasks. Now, users can transform the well-known Outlook into much more than a personal information organizer and day-to-day task manager.

Jose Maria Delos Santos,

Grahpie Awards 2012

Comindware Inc. was named the winner of the 2012 Graphie Awards in the Most Innovative Enterprise Graph Application category. The Graphies, hosted by Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, are the only awards that recognize individuals and teams who are developing the most innovative graph database applications

The alarming state of traditional BPMS
Discover a new approach to managing business processes:
  • easy implementation
  • greater flexibility
  • minimum costs involved
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16khz Comindware Success Story
Honored and Recognized
all quotes

Workflow Management Software

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Comindware Tracker is an adaptive Workflow Management Software aimed at streamlining routine business processes and making business operations agile. Comindware Tracker empowers companies with workflow software for efficient workflow automation and workflow optimization. This powerful yet easy for everyone workflow tool allows for replacement of unproductive e-mail– and spreadsheet-based process tracking with a highly automated workflow process management and optimization of the company’s daily routine work. For a quick and easy setup, Comindware Tracker – the workflow automation software – enables full availability of the related discussions and documents, flexible design of web forms and customization of reports, on-the-fly process updates and real-time visibility. At the same time Comindware Tracker – as workflow management software – is designed to meet your highest operational demands leveraging the innovative and patented ElasticData technology. Comindware Tracker also provides extensive capabilities of a Task Management Software and works optimally as a solution for IT, HR, Software Development, Sales and Marketing departments. The innovative Workflow Process Software – Comindware Tracker – is available in the Cloud and on-premise, on mobile platforms and is pre-integrated with MS Outlook and MS SharePoint platforms.

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