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Designed for professional project execution, Comindware Team Network is team collaboration software that dramatically boosts employee engagement and productivity by allowing team collaboration in context of work.

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Take internal work communications to a new level

Keep all the work discussions in the very same place where the work actually gets done.

Get rid of unstructured group e-mails and collaborate on project tasks and plans within your work environment in intuitive Team Collaboration software.

Connect all parties in Discussion Rooms

Create separate Rooms to discuss specific matters beyond or across your projects – like product launch, sales collateral, etc.

Invite external partners, customers or your colleagues from other departments, so you can effectively collaborate as a single community.

Manage documents in a single place

Manage project-related as well as company-wide documents in a single place with Comindware Team Collaboration tool.

Discuss documents, upload new versions, and follow documents to keep informed about all the document updates in a user-friendly interface.

Search people

Use the powerful social Directory and visual Orgchart to easily find the person with particular skills, in a particular department, in a specific location, for a specific task.

Start collaborating instantly with Comindware Team Collaboration tool.

Award employees to boost motivation

Award the most prominent team members with titles like “Best performer”, “Employee of the Month”, or any other to support motivation and increase team productivity.

Team members can also thank others publically with a simple yet always pleasant “Thank You”.

Team Collaboration in Comindware Team Network Software
Unmatched User Experience

User experience makes a huge difference for the system adoption within the company.

Unlike many enterprise team collaboration tools on the market, Comindware Team Network is designed specifically to boost your team productivity by forcing the team to collaborate in the context of their work, but not to discuss general unrelated matters.

Designed by usability experts, Comindware Team Network’ polished user interface is based on the most modern and innovative user experience patterns.

Enterprise Social Collaboration in the context of work
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Team Collaboration Software

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Comindware® makes its priority to provide the most efficient team collaboration environment to ensure successful execution of your project tasks. To achieve this mission, we developed Comindware Team Network™, the industry first enterprise team collaboration software designed to let teams collaborate effectively and in the context of work. Comindware Team Network stands out from traditional team task management tools with its unique features including Project activity streams, Rooms for business communities, Company Directory, Awards and others. Build on top of this team collaboration tool, Comindware Project® – one the flagship company’s products for team project management – delivers unparalleled collaboration capabilities and increases productivity with seamless ease.

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