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Comindware® Web Services API Developer’s Guide
This guide is intended for application developers interested in developing applications using Comindware web services API. It provides you with the list of Comindware web services API methods, and integration examples.

Size: 1.93 MB. Download

Comindware Expression Language Reference Guide
This guide is written for system administrators or team managers who would like to extend the standard workflow functionality using the Comindware Expression language.

Size: 2.90 MB. Download

Data Sheets

Breakthrough Workflow Management and Issue Tracking
Manage routine processes,issues,and team tasks with web-based ease, either on your server or in the Cloud with Comindware Tracker.

Size: 1.85 MB. Download

Power your Outlook up with Comindware Tasks for Outlook™
Turn your Outlook into a professional process and project management tool with Comindware Tasks for Outlook™.

Size: 1.61 MB. Download

Maximize your SharePoint Investment with Comindware Tracker
Learn how to enhance your existing SharePoint-based infrastructure with the help of Comindware Workflow for Sharepoint™.

Size: 1.20 MB. Download

Make your IT Help Desk management easy
Streamline your IT Help Desk collaboration with Comindware Tracker’s production-ready solution.

Size: 1.25 MB. Download

Get your Finance and Administration processes under control
Get full Control of all Financial Decisions and Administrative Procedures in Your Company.

Size: 1.25 MB. Download

Make Sure your Compliance and Policy Mandates are Met
Meet any Compliance Standards with 100% Visibility and Control.

Size: 7.03 MB. Download

Organize and manage HR cycles and processes
Ensure your Hiring and On-boarding to be fast, efficient and transparent.

Size: 7.03 MB. Download

Marketing Documents

Comindware Reviewers Guide
The guide is for editors and bloggers to make it to help them launch Comindware Tracker® and discover the most interesting features.

Size: 1.29 MB. Download

Comindware Terms of Service and End User License Agreement
The document constitutes an agreement between you and Comindware, Inc, and governs your use of Comindware products and services.

Size: 711.80 kB. Download

Comindware Privacy Policy
The document discloses the ways Comindware gathers, uses, discloses and manages your personal information.


Comindware Legal Information
Key legal information for inquiries about trademarks, copyrights, patents, terms of use, and small claims complaints.


Adaptive BPM

ElasticData Technology

Graphical Workflow Builder

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Comindware Knowledgebase
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