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Comindware Tracker Solution for Team Task Management and Collaboration

Comindware Tracker Solution for Team Task Management is equally effective for both individual tasks and group processes ensuring no ac-tivities go off track.

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  • Drag-and-drop simplicity
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Choose your way to manage tasks

Manage personal to-do lists along with team tasks. Comindware Tracker lets you manually create and assign individual tasks when needed, as well as automatically generate workflow tasks with pre-defined due dates and priorities for effective group task management.

Collaborate and share

Collaborate on tasks, and keep all the documents in a centralized place. No undocumented meetings. No lost email conversations. Streamline scattered communications via file sharing and threaded discussions. Integrated Document Management and File versioning helps you easily find the right version of the same file, so you don’t lose time on working with the wrong one.

Unlimited Sub-Task Management

Unlike other group task management tools, Team Task Management app Comindware Tracker allows you to create and manage an unlim-ited hierarchy of sub-tasks. This way, everyone knows what to do and when without losing time on unnecessary emails, calls, or meetings. You can also schedule recurring tasks to be created automatically, or easily reassign tasks when required.

Track changes in real-time

Get your tasks under control by tracking time spent and any changes made to a task, by whom, and when. Team Task Management Soft-ware Comindware Tracker provides a full change history on each task. Stay in the loop with any updates via automated notifications and add other followers to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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Comindware Tracker is a robust, full-featured application with a complete set of help resources. Though setting up your own campaign can be complex, the one step pre-built solution makes getting started easy also enabling task management for teams.

Sunny Mui, the Chief Editor of Globial Talks Business

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Team Task Management Software

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Streamline team collaboration with Comindware Tracker solution for group task management. Leveraging innovative team task manage-ment software capabilities you can organize scattered work into trackable tasks so that everyone on the team knows what to do and when. Our group task management software makes it easy to access your data and processes from anywhere and anytime. Comindware Tracker Team Task Management Solution provides you with group task management and task tracking functionality. Along with creating and assigning tasks manually, let Comindware Task Management system automatically generate tasks with pre-defined due dates and priorities. Comindware Tracker solution for Team Task Management also makes it possible to manage an unlim-ited hierarchy of sub-tasks, unlike traditional team task management apps. Comindware Tracker enables effective task management for teams and result-driven business task management.

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