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Managing your organization’s most valuable asset – your people – involves multiple processes that are repeated so frequently that keeping track can become difficult. With Comindware HR Management Software, knowing what’s going on is just a few clicks away.

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Ready-to-Use Pre-Built HR Workflow Processes Include:


Keep and select updated lists of vacancies, candidates and applicants, plus track each candidate through the necessary steps

Leave of Absence

Save days on manual handling of multiple leave of absence, sick leaves, or day off request forms


When it comes to terminations, there are many things to keep on track before it is to late

Your own Process

Create your own Processes with just a few mouse clicks!

The alarming state of traditional BPMS
Discover a new approach to managing business processes:
  • easy implementation
  • greater flexibility
  • minimum costs involved
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Automate and manage Human Resources processes — with just a few clicks. Using our ultra-flexible human resources software you can asily combine a sequence of HR tasks into a process and graphically build a workflow — without coding. Comindware human resource management software helps to make timely people-focused decisions around hiring, vacation processing, and more. Generate next-step tasks to automate HR workflow processes so you save time and improve results. Easily automate workflows and processes on a wide variety of HR business activities, including approvals, change requests and on-boarding. Unique flexibility of Comindware HR software enables anyone from IT specialists to common business users to modify existing processes on the go - unlike with traditional HR software solutions. This online human resources process automation software also lets you log in from anywhere, anytime from any device. To learn more about Comindware Tracker's workflow management capabilities, check out our main product page.

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