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Finanzen & Administration Lösung
Finance and Administration

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Daily finance and operations work includes a variety of duplicated processes like approvals, requests POs, invoices etc.. Automating these routine processes will significantly reduce the finance staff workload and ensure the entire department works in both a manageable and transparent way.

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Ready-to-use pre-built Finance and Administration Workflow Processes:

Accounts Payable

Help Accounts Payable run smoothly by managing the payment trail in a single system with a verified business process

Budget and Cost

Approve all the budgets on a formal basis and do not let any undesirable spending fall through the cracks

Capital Expenditure

Keep budgets under control by tracking expenditures through a series of reviews and approvals

Contracts Approval

Be sure you sign properly prepared contracts that went through all the required reviews

Expense Reports

Keeping expense reports in one system and tracking them through the series of approvals can save plenty of time


Managing invoices with a formal workflow makes the progress visible to stakeholders

Payroll Requests

Process payrolls on a regular basis without any discontinuations

Purchase Requests

Track all purchase requests in a single system rather than scattered across email, Skype and meeting notes

Material Asset Requests

Be sure your material assets are on track and their provision is properly approved

Travel Requests

Preparing important travel for account managers will go without a hitch

The alarming state of traditional BPMS
Discover a new approach to managing business processes:
  • easy implementation
  • greater flexibility
  • minimum costs involved
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Automate office tasks and processes like purchase request, invoice, and others with minimal setup. Take control of important and constantly increasing efforts around invoices, contracts, expenses and purchase order processes. Automate your order tracking so you never miss any revenue opportunity. When the “back office” is running smoothly, the whole business is more effective, so it is crucial to automate office processes (e.g. invoice approval workflow) and generate next-step tasks automatically. Graphical, role-based dashboards and reporting widgets provide convenient charts for office automation analysis. Should you like to explore the benefits of process automation, check out the main features of Comindware Tracker workflow software.

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