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Real-time control over Finance and Administration operations

Daily finance and administrative operations work includes a variety of recurrent processes like management of purchase orders, accounts & payables, invoices, etc.

Automating routine finance and administration processes with Comindware Tracker significantly reduces the staff workload and ensures the entire department works in both a highly manageable and efficient way.

Comindware Tracker allows for design and setup of back office software exactly matching business process specifics such as business rules, status transition conditions and security levels.

  • Get visibility into Financial operations, priorities and task completion progress
  • Centralize management of documents and tasks in a unified administrative software
  • Minimize dependency on IT thanks to the intuitive workflow setup
  • Enjoy higher application adoption rate of the critical back-office system thanks to the intuitive MS Outlook interface
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Intuitive Workflow Setup

Setup back office software workflow that is required for your particular case with an intuitive visual Workflow Builder.

Minimize dependency on the IT department thanks to the intuitive workflow and the capability to insert changes on the fly in Comindware back-office solution.

Workflow for Issue Tracking
Intuitive Workflow Setup
Electronic Forms for Back Office

Gather all info you need for finance operations with configurable online forms.

Track any number of custom fields and enable any business rules required for flow to be perfectly smooth.

Web forms for Issue Tracking
Electronic Forms for Back Office
Audit Trails

Get a clear picture of each particular task with comprehensive audit trails – a journal of changes kept for each task in Comindware back-office solution.

Audit trails in Issue Tracking System
Audit Trails
Back Office Dashboard and Reporting

Gain real-time visibility and control over all your operations and identify process bottlenecks.

Set up scheduled automated reports in Comindware back-office system to enable timely management decisions.

Issue Tracking in Real time
Back Office Dashboard and Reporting

Discuss and collaborate on Back Office operations, track documents and share knowledge in Comindware Tracker – get your team engaged in your daily processes and ensure maximum productivity.

Issue Tracking in Comindware Tracker

Comindware does very well when it comes to visual appeal. The application looks clean and tidy, with a very modern interface that keeps things simple.

Shel Gatto, AppAppeal

Platforms & Integrations
Work on-the-go

Work on tasks and make decisions on-the-go with Comindware Tracker.

The mobile user interface is highly intuitive and adaptive.

Issue Tracking Software for Mobile Device
Work in MS Outlook

Stay productive in your familiar environment and minimize time required for new software adoption.

Create tasks, manage documents and report on completed tasks directly from MS Outlook.

Issue Tracking for MS Outlook
in MS Outlook
Work in MS SharePoint

Maximize your MS SharePoint investments and work on tasks right from the MS SharePoint interface – no need to switch from familiar SharePoint interface at all.

Issue Tracking for SharePoint
in MS SharePoint
API and Integrations

Integrate Comindware Tracker with existing systems using our open API.

Comindware Tracker API is based on the Web Services standard and allows for flexible integration with any kind of 3d party applications including CRM, ERP, Billing & Invoicing and other.

Comindware Issue Tracking API
and Integrations
Cloud and On-Premise

Start quickly running Comindware Tracker out of the secure Cloud - with low start-up costs and no installation and maintenance required - or maintain full control with the on-premise installation and lower your ongoing costs.

Cloud  issue tracking software
and On-Premise

Back office software

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