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Comindware Tracker Solution for Business Process Management

Comindware Tracker provides an easy and cost efficient solution for Business Process Management and business process optimization. It facilitates effective cross-company process execution keeping all the work in a single highly organized BPMS environment and ensuring full availability of the related discussions and documents.

Comindware Tracker - Business Process Management Software - enables quick and easy business process automation; on-the-fly process modification with no coding required as well as enhances team collaboration in context of work.

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  • Drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Process modification on the fly
  • Control in real-time
  • Available on mobile platforms
Setup processes with Ease

With Comindware Tracker BPM software, Business processes are no longer built in weeks. Using the graphical Workflow Builder, you can visually design process workflows with drag-and-drop simplicity. No coding required. Processes that work well can be easily shared across teams and departments or scheduled as recurring workflows.

Adapt to any changes

Get maximum flexibility in adapting to the varying business context. Comindware Tracker - Business Process Management Software - lets you instantly create ad-hoc tasks at a certain workflow step whenever a new event doesn’t fit into your existing process. Just like that. You don’t need to redesign a workflow or create a new one to address a one-time case.

Start now. Adjust as you go

Kick-off process setup even if some steps are still missing. With Comindware Tracker intuitive Workflow Engine you can easily start building any process and incorporate additional components once they become clear. This way you don’t wait till the last minute to get started – processes are deployed in our BPM software step by step.

Modify on the fly

Forget about costly and long-term redeployment procedures with flexible Business Process Management tools. Apply any changes to your existing processes, whether it is an additional step, a new assignee or anything else – all within the user interface of the Comindware Tracker Business Management Software. No need to involve IT specialists. All modifications are made in real-time with the use of graphical Workflow and Form Builders. Logo

Comindware is an excellent Business Process Software for collaborative work management, with automated processes management as its most unique feature. I was pleasantly surprised at the Comindware Tracker’s capabilities and simplicity comparing to other BPM solutions and Business Management systems, and highly recommend this BPM solution for its excellent capabilities.

Rakesh Sharma

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Comindware Tracker is Business Management Software that facili-tates efficient cross-company performance keeping all the work in a single highly organized environment and ensuring full availability of the related discussions and documents. The advantages of traditional Business Process Management Soft-ware (BPMS) are usually high efficiency, visibility and flexibility. Comindware Tracker delivers all the power of traditional BPM soft-ware while ensuring much easier system setup and application flexibil-ity and configurability. Moreover, by the side of other BPM Solutions and Business Management Systems Comindware Tracker is a fully transparent Business Process Management Tool. Efficient Business Process Automation is enabled in a single highly organized BPMS environment with full availability of the related dis-cussions and documents, flexible web forms and reports, on-the-fly process updates and real-time visibility. At the same time Business Process Optimization is achieved leveraging the patented ElasticData technology. This Technology ensures easy configurability of Comind-ware Tracker Business Process Software. In comparison with other business management software Comind-ware Tracker provides the power of traditional BPM Software with an unmatched ease of use. Moreover, this Business Process Manage-ment Software enables extensive and collaborative Task Management. Comindware Tracker’s BPMS is available in the Cloud and on-premise, on mobile platforms and is pre-integrated with MS Outlook and MS SharePoint.

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