Departmental Business Applications

Run Ready-to-use Business Applications

No need to go through long-term implementation cycles. Manage your departmental-specific routine processes, like IT requests, approvals, invoices, bugs, and others, with already pre-built business applications.

Design custom apps

Easily build your own business app to empower process management based on your individual requirements

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Run Business Applications in MS Outlook

Apply business apps capabilities in the familiar environment. Comindware Tracker makes it possible to manage your departmental business processes directly in MS Outlook.

Workflow Solutions & BPM solutions

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Comindware Tracker is a process management and workflow automation software system that includes already predefined enterprise workflow solutions to streamline process execution across different departments. Choose easy-to-start pre-designed workflow solutions to manage processes in IT, Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance and other business areas. Visually customize existing workflow solutions to accommodate your business needs with no programming required. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, build your own BPM solutions so Comindware Tracker fits in your specific work environment and infrastructure just perfectly. Either way, Comindware delivers unmatched flexibility in managing business processes – thanks to the patented, award-winning ElasticData technology. No matter which processes you need to execute – IT requests, approvals, invoices, sales processes, or others – efficient workflow solutions are available for your convenience.

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Set up cross-departmental execution with BPM solutions

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Org silos are a key problem why most of potentially successful projects fail. To solve this problem, businesses should consider an easy BPM solution. More insights

Long implementation cycles no longer required with the new Comindware BPM solution

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