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Collaboration and Project Management Software

Comindware Project is an innovative Collaboration and Project Management tool that simplifies planning for project managers and facilitates execution for project members.

Built on top of Comindware Team Network – the industry 1st company-wide social collaboration platform – Comindware Project enables centralization of all project related documentation as well as allows to seamlessly add subject matter experts and external participants to project discussions.

Comindware Team Network is provided free for an unlimited number of users with Comindware Project.

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  • Dramatically simplify project planning
  • Stay on top of your real-time project status
  • Maximize resource utilization
  • Increase your team productivity and boost engagement in your projects

Project Managers

Keep your projects on track with Automated Priority-based Planning

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Deliver Marketing projects on time with predictive Gantt-chart

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Professional Services

Keep up with your SLA’s with predictive Gantt-chart


Deliver innovative educational projects on time with automated priority-based planning

Dramatically simplify your project planning

Save hours and days of your time with Comindware Project Management Software and its innovative functionality of Automated Priority-based Planning instead of unproductive manual scheduling routine work.

All your project plans are created automatically once you assign tasks and define priorities.

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Automate your Project Planning
Know your real-time project status and predict the future

Spot project issues early during the project and make timely management decisions with Comindware Project Management system and its revolutionary capability of the Predictive Real-time Gantt-chart.

Comindware Project shows you real project status by automatically uncovering open time slots in case the task is completed before the due date, or by shifting delayed work to the future.

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Know Real-time Project Status
Visualize your Projects

Improve your project management experience by creating the visual project structure with the Comindware WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) chart – project management tool with a clean project structure and unlimited task hierarchy.

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Visualize your Projects
Maximize Resource Utilization

Evidently allocate resources across multiple projects and then track the results with Comindware Project Management system.

Project plans are updated automatically upon your resource allocation.

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Maximize Resource Utilization
Execute on projects and collaborate across the company

With Comindware Project Management Tool you can collaborate with your project team on your project tasks as well as with your colleagues from other departments on activities beyond the scope of the project – like product launch, supporting collateral etc.

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Boost productivity and enable collaboration
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The newly released product extends the product portfolio with the Project Management functionality. It provides enhanced capabilities of integrated social collaboration and automated priority-based planning that adapt to changing requirements continuously and in real time.

Joachim Hackmann, Computerwoche logo

For new project teams looking to streamline their project planning and managing a project with ease, I recommend trying Comindware Project.

Ann Augustine, Logo

Comindware Project has a robust and user-friendly system that makes it easier for project managers to create plans, manage tasks, and complete the work. If you are looking for project management software that offers more than the ordinary features, Comindware Project may be the right solution for you.

Rosanne Lorraine, Writer, Logo

Projects are less likely to achieve their goals without a plan, and tracking the progress even with a plan is useless if the plan has remained static. Comindware Project’s automated features, predictive technology and more visual user experience not only lighten the burden of updating the project plan but also provide project managers valuable real-time information.

Jose Maria Delos Santos, Logo

The more platforms a team uses to manage ongoing projects, the more chances there are for error. Comindware Project offers a streamlined solution for businesses that are looking to pare down the tools their teams use, with its combined solutions for project management, planning, and group collaboration.

Stephanie Miles, GetApp

Mobile Applications
In the Cloud
& On-premise
Project Management in MS Outlook
Comindware Mobile Apps
Comindware in Cloud
Comindware Integration with MS Outlook

Comindware Project ensures productivity of mobile project managers and teams with native mobile apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets that deliver the same great user experience.

Start quickly out of Comindware online project management software’ in a secure Cloud. Or get full control with the on-premise installation.

Stay productive in your most common environment working with Comindware Project tasks and collaborating with your colleagues right out of MS Outlook.

State of the Art Project Management
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Comindware Project is the state of the art project management software designed to bring incomparable collaboration and project execution capabilities into your project management environment. Unlike with traditional project management tools, Comindware Project extends a standard project management approach by letting teams collaborate within and beyond their projects and instantly track their progress - all in a single project management software solution. On top of that, Comindware dramatically simplifies project planing with its unique project management tools, including Automated Priority-based Planning, Work Breakdown Structure and Predictive Gantt chart. Available as on-premise , as well as online project management software, Comindware Project provides unmatched teamwork capabilities that turn project plans into successfully executable projects. All together, Comindware Project and Comindware Tracker, company’s flagship workflow management software, fulfill our mission to deliver a single solution for managing tasks, projects and processes.

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