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An initial focus in updating Comindware Tracker was to improve user experience with the core workflow management options people use everyday. The New Release of Comindware Tracker provides redesigned navigation, more intuitive on both desktop and mobile, handy lists and improved web form builder. Even more, the update includes tangible bug fixes that enhance workflow engine performance and complex processes saving.

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Enhanced UI for smartphones and tablets

Comindware Tracker now provides a fully intuitive UI (User Interface) allowing managers to approve requests, comment on tasks and see task status on the go. Team members are enabled to work on tasks and collaborate on documents on their mobile devices.

Enhanced Security and Notifications

Comindware Tracker now enables dynamic business role definition, which allows handling security and notifications differently based on the particular workflow task context.

Reassignment Rules

With the new Comindware Tracker Reassignment Rules capability, managers can flexibly configure task reassignment rules to enable stronger security.

Strong Passwords

This new capability enables enforcing of strong password policy in cases when such is required.

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