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Please, welcome the new version of Comindware Tracker! It brings a number of significant improvements such as:

Cloud Services
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On-premise software
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Faster loading of Web-forms

Web-forms were optimized to load and submit faster, so end-users can enjoy improved overall product performance.

Collections Export

We made it possible to export “collection”-type reference fields into MS Word and MS Excel templates. For example, you can export a table with a list of products into your report template.

Attached Pictures Export

We made it easy to export attached pictures into MS Word and MS Excel templates. For example, you have a business circle graph attached to an analytical task within a workflow - now you can easily export it into a quarterly report.

Updated Outlook Add-in

A few performance changes were made to Outlook add-in.

Important: Please, update the Outlook add-in for all of your users. You can download the latest version of it from the “Menu” tab in the product UI.

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