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Comindware Tracker - workflow software for MS SharePoint
Comindware Tracker Solution for MS SharePoint

Comindware Tracker extends MS SharePoint document management and collaboration capabilities with rich and easy to set-up workflow functionality. Comindware Tracker facilitates effective cross-company process execution keeping all the work in a single highly organized environment as well as ensuring flexible process modeling and end-to-end workflow automation with no coding required.

Comindware Tracker Solution for MS SharePoint enables quick and easy workflow and approvals set-up, change request tracking and enterprise forms build – all from the familiar MS SharePoint interface now also available on mobile platforms.

This solution is pre-built into Comindware Tracker

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  • No coding required
  • Drag-and-drop simplicity
  • MS SharePoint workflow automation
Familiar environment with enhanced user experience

MS SharePoint users now don’t have to adapt to a new software environment as Comindware Tracker works with native MS SharePoint GUI controls.

Manage activities and documents while no third party software is required.

Optimization Workflow in SharePointComindware
Comindware Tracker is available in MS Office and MS 365 SharePoint OnlineComindware
Available in Office 365 and MS SharePoint Online

Comindware Tracker moves beyond the traditional architecture approach making it possible to work in both Cloud and on-premise versions of the MS SharePoint application.

No installation is required inside MS SharePoint, thus you can easily leverage Comindware Tracker’s workflow automation functionality even in MS Office 365 and MS SharePoint Online. This includes both MS SharePoint 2010 workflow automation and also more recent MS SharePoint 2013 approval workflow management.

Affordable Requestor licensing

Save costs on managing business operations with your external customers or partners by granting them limited access to your MS SharePoint interface.

Comindware Tracker offers affordable Requestor licenses for those who only need to create requests and monitor their activity status.

simplification interface and workflow in MS SharePoint Comindware

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Workflow SharePoint

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While MS SharePoint is extremely good as a document management system, workflow automation it its greatest weakness. Usually it takes weeks of programming and highly paid IT experts to set up MS Share-Point workflows in order to address business needs. As a result of such complex implementation ROI on setting up MS SharePoint workflow is oftentimes negative. Comindware Tracker® BPM Software is an effective solution for business process improvement of MS SharePoint-based workflows. Comindware Tracker Solution for MS SharePoint works with the native SharePoint GUI controls and does not modify MS SharePoint workflow settings so users don’t have to adapt to any changes. With Comindware Tracker’s graphical workflow builder it is made significantly easier to customize and modify MS SharePoint workflows. Moreover, MS SharePoint workflow coordination is becoming more accessible for users. Comindware Tracker integration with MS SharePoint enables quick and easy workflow setup - all from the familiar MS SharePoint interface.

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