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What is task management: key insights, advantages for every business

Task management

Task management is a complex process of organization of work aimed at completion of a certain task. Key parts of task management process are planning of tasks, resources, time, results, goals and ways of reaching of goals, testing of achieved results and estimating the validity of a result to planned results and goals, tracking of activity of every employee engaged in the task fulfillment as well as control of time spent or wasted, detection of spots in workflow which leak time, reporting. A reporting step is one of the most essential as it depicts how a team or certain employee performs on certain task.

Traditionally task management is performed in spreadsheets requiring data uploads. Actually spreadsheets present only a digital copy of a paper which does not assist you to manage tasks, resources and other aspects of a project in any way. The paper does not assist you the same.

To perform task management effectively IT market offers various task management solutions.

What is a task management software?

Task management software is a digital product providing environment, a single point of contact for communication and collaboration of people on a certain task. The task management application provides a convenient system of ranking tasks by complexity, priority, form and other factors mattering for your project.

Effective management of tasks and projects in business requires a complete control of every aspect of workflow and tasks with focus on time, efforts (people engaged in task performance), finances, recurrency, status of completion, notifications. All of these aspects are tracked and controlled with task management software.

most important features of task management system

What are the most important features of task management system?

The market offers various solutions for different businesses. There are free solutions as well as very high price tags for advanced tools. Some require just one time payment, while other projects feature monthly fee. But we will not focus our attention on how to choose optimum task management software for your business, but instead we will review key features which will be of the highest priority for your company.

Let us start with a type of task management software. Commonly there are two possible solutions:

  • server based solutions – these are products which are installed on servers and provide access from intranet connected computers. This is one of the most protected versions of task management software, however it features many cons. By choosing this version of software your employees will not get access to their tasks and to the environment while they are out from the office. Another disadvantage of this type of software is that needs a staff IT expert who will pass certification to support and maintain product. Of course there is a simple solution for your company to outsource IT support for task management software. It will be additional line of expenses to your budget.
  • web-based solutions – are digital products available online from any device and location, not requiring installation and integration in your business. Cloud based task management software is the best option for advanced companies heading to the latest technologies. The web-based task management services commonly do not require first high payment, offer various monthly plans and affordable monthly payments.
  • Another feature of task management software which is of ultimate importance for you is availability of mobile app. We do not mean a mobile version of website or online service available through a web browser, but an application which will let your employees to always stay connected to your business and track their tasks. With mobile app for task management software your employees will not miss any task, any scheduled meeting or activity. Such an application will allow to improve productivity, individual and team performance, quality of work and end result which will surely affect the overall satisfaction of your business customers and partners.
Another feature of task management software

What is task management: key insights, advantages for every business

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